Ready to reimagine your supply chain?


  • IoT service development
  • Fleet management solutions
  • Control tower dashboards
  • Real-time transportation support
  • Warehouse system interfaces (HMI / M2M)


  • Integration

    Get custom API development and integration that provides seamless connectivity between platforms, devices, and apps.

    Our team of developers has extensive experience building and integrating APIs, helping to ensure timely, secure, and seamless portability of data. Whether at the structural, semantic, or organizational level, we can enable the secure connection and meaningful exchange of information to help you scale.

  • Microservices implementation

    Decouple your monolithic platforms with microservice architecture that can future-proof your technology solutions as you grow.

    Our team has experience working in highly complex environments, performing sophisticated integrations and back-end services for organizations with diverse business requirements.

  • Custom dashboards

    Create custom dashboards and widgets that make sense of your data and can provide actionable insights.

    We can help you connect all the pieces by integrating your APIs and making the data available in a snappy, modern interface.

  • Collaboration

    Effective collaboration and transparency are critical for designing and building custom software.

    If you’re looking for a dev shop, we’re not it. Instead, we focus on collaboration to quickly bring new experiences to life – through intensive research, asking the right questions, and taking a deep dive into the customer experience. Working together closely, we approach each project with laser focus on the end-user and a belief in clear and frequent communication to maintain a tight feedback loop. If you’re looking for a dev shop, we’re not it.

  • User research

    User research is a critical first step in helping you understand how your end-users perceive and interact with your technology.

    Our team of researchers has a highly refined set of soft skills and expertise at interviewing a broad and diverse spectrum of people, from line workers to the board room.

  • Service design

    Software development requires delivery across multiple touch points throughout the user journey.

    Our teams focus on the entire user experience, applying a human-centered process and collaborative approach to meet the meet the needs of your end-users. To orchestrate these user needs, we provide true end-to-end integration with mobile devices, wearables, and IoT apps on iOS and Android platforms.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy integration (BLE)

    Drive operational efficiencies through a secure connection of wireless IoT devices.

    BLE is integral to the supply chain environment. From tracking objects to transferring data, BLE can be used to remotely control elements of the transport process. This can save energy and speed processes. Our team of developers understands BLE integration and can customize software that’s optimized for nearly any application and device.

  • AI & machine learning

    AI and machine learning applications are leading to breathtaking advances in logistics and supply chain environments.

    Combined with big data, AI-ML can store vast amounts of data that can serve as a powerful tool to forecast events and improve operations. Our software developers specialize in data engineering and AI-ML technologies specific to the supply chain environment.

  • Mobile devices

    We are all-things mobile. For more than a decade, we’ve been building mobile devices apps for some of the world’s largest companies in logistics and transportation.

    Whether you need to store data in the cloud or communicate with IoT devices, we can help you build platforms and apps that are intuitive on the frontend and powerful on the backend.


Logistics system redesign

Fortna, a leading consulting firm in logistics, distribution, & engineering, needed to update and standardize its existing warehouse execution system (WES). Its current platform, FortnaWES™, lacked standard feature sets, thus requiring the Fortna team to make custom updates for each of its clients.
Industrial / Manufacturing Innovation Research Product Design + Development

Giving voice to facilities managament

HD Supply lacked an integrated system that would allow property managers to identify and manage assets, inventory, or tasks assigned to maintenance personnel. We successfully designed and built a tablet-based, voice-activated inventory management app and ordering interface in less than three months.
Industrial / Manufacturing Minimum Viable Product Product Design + Development Retail Learn more
Star Leasing

Roadside assistance mobile app

Star Leasing, a national truck leasing company, engaged us to build a mobile application and API for its StarCare Breakdown Service platform, enabling drivers to submit service requests directly from the roadside without having to call a dispatcher.
Design Sprint Industrial / Manufacturing Product Design + Development learn more

Modernizing the user experience for a competitive advantage

An unwieldy UI created customer confusion for Nextraq. We provided a structured approach to UI redesign, using a proven methodology that spanned research, design, and solution architecture.
Product Design + Development Digital Transformation Industrial / Manufacturing Innovation Research learn more


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    How is mobile technology disrupting healthcare?

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