UX design services

Work with a team seasoned in providing UI UX design services to launch or revamp your product with modern design concepts and industry-leading digital standards, for an optimized user experience.

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Behind every great user experience is strategic design –

At Digital Scientists, our UI UX design and development services begin and end each project. Our Seattle and Atlanta UX design experts  each offer an average 14 years of experience. We’re passionate about every aspect of experience design and development, from design research to user experience and product design.

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UI UX design services

Transform your product with a team of senior-level UX designers who create modern designs, apply digital standards, and perform user validation.

  • Design a new product
  • Redesign an existing product
  • Leverage a design system
  • Create a new design system
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User research services

Understanding business context and your stakeholders is crucial for designing products that align with your company’s strategy and meet your customers’ needs.

  • Validate with usability testing
  • Competitive research
  • User definition
  • Product discovery
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Service design

Improve customer experiences, align business goals with customer needs, and drive growth by orchestrating processes and journeys to create engaging and differentiated services

  • Service Blueprinting
  • Ecosystem mapping
  • Journey Management
  • Service optimization
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Workshop facilitation

Align your team on strategy, goals, and product vision using design thinking methodologies and facilitation experts to drive project engagement and momentum.

  • Alignment workshop
  • Ideation workshop
  • Design sprints
  • Strategic workshop

UX design services

At Digital Scientists, we believe that great UX design has the power to transform businesses and improve people’s lives.

Our approach to UX design is rooted in empathy, with a focus on creating products that are intuitive, accessible, and delightful to use. Our team of Seattle and Atlanta UX design experts are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest UI UX design services, trends and technologies, and we constantly strive to improve our skills and processes.


Launch a new product or redesign an existing one with industry-leading Product Design

Product design encompasses the intersection between product strategy, user experience and user interface design. Our team will not only design great experiences for your users, but also make sure every design we produce is aligned with your overall product strategy and business goals.

Start your new design system or extend your existing one

Designing a customized collection of reusable design components and patterns, empowers you to efficiently design and scale your product while maintaining consistency. We design development-ready design systems that make collaboration and handoff between design and development teams easy.

Stay compliant with Accessibility

Making design choices so that people with disabilities can fully engage with your product creates a better user experience for everyone, adds value and minimizes legal risk. Our UI UX design services are centered around designing products everyone can use.


  • Workflow definition and optimization
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • User interface (UI) design
  • MVP design
  • Dashboard design
  • Mobile app design
  • Desktop app design
  • Design assessments
  • Low-fidelity prototype (prototype of design)
  • High-fidelity prototype, or an MVP (clickable functioning
  • Rapid prototyping

Leading the supply chain planning process in functionality and experience

Toolsgroup’s S099+ supports supply chain planners from many industries across the globe intelligently stay on top of their ever-changing supply chain. ToolsGroup’s leadership came to Digital Scientists hoping to solve two primary challenges: win over new customers and re-engage current users. We did this by performing a UX Assessment, providing UI UX design services which culminated in a full UI redesign, and delivering a development ready design system for their team to implement.

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User research services

Whether you have an established product or you’re setting out to define your next big step, our team provides the expertise you need to inform the innovation initiatives you target. By putting people and business goals at the forefront, we take a user-centered and strategic approach to discovery.  

User research is part of our UX design process from beginning to end. We understand your market conditions, your internal stakeholders, your customer’s behavior and needs, and how they interact with your product. We perform user research during each phase of our engagements, relying on it to help us build highly customized designs.

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Understand your business landscape

Identify market opportunities and understand competitor offerings to enable effective competitive positioning and differentiation. We help you uncover untapped market areas to design a product that addresses your customer’s demands and inform your team’s decision-making to capitalize on opportunities to succeed in a competitive market.

Uncover customer needs

Gain insights into your customer’s behaviors, preferences, and pain points. We help you understand their needs and their expectations of your digital product. By using ethnographic methodologies, we discover what matters to your customers and provide insights that enable us to design experiences that align with their requirements, delivering user-centered solutions that meet their needs and deliver value.

Identify internal pain points

Gain clarity into areas that hinder efficiency and collaboration within your organization that hinder the delivery of a great user experience to your customers. By addressing these pain points, we can streamline processes, optimize your workflows, and foster a more cohesive work environment, ultimately leading to improved user experience, simplified interactions, and enhanced usability in the products and services you deliver to your clients.

Uncover key insights and opportunities

Leverage user research to uncover areas of opportunity, highlight gaps in the user experience, gain a deeper understanding of your customers, and focus on the right challenges to address, ultimately leading to more effective and targeted UX design solutions that meet users’ expectations and drive business success.


  • Competitive research
  • Observation and user interviews
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Ethnographic studies
  • Usability studies
  • Card-sorting exercises
  • Diary studies
  • Persona creation
  • Product validation studies
  • Heuristic assessments
  • UX assessments and audits

User research & design for older adults: 4 methodologies

We partnered with a digital health company to develop a remote patient monitoring platform that could help older adults age in place. As part of our engagement, we conducted a series of design research studies to help us better understand the needs, pains, and context of older adults. The result of this UX design for seniors study helped inform the product’s overall design, development, and strategy.

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Service design

We harness the power of service design to aid our clients by adopting a holistic strategy that involves taking a close look at the complete system of interactions and touchpoints within their customer journey. Through conducting in-depth research, mapping out processes, and employing strategic thinking, service design empowers us to identify pain points, streamline operations, and curate meaningful interactions, culminating in elevated user experiences that drive customer satisfaction and overall business success

Map your customer’s journey and service blueprint

Document and visualize the end-to-end experience of both your customers and employees using a service blueprint or a customer journey map, facilitating the identification of pain points and inefficiencies in processes. We help you develop targeted solutions, improve operational efficiency, and foster a more positive and productive environment, leading to elevated customer satisfaction, enhanced employee experience, and overall organizational growth.

Visualize your service ecosystem

Increase value creation by providing a clear and visual representation of the interconnected processes, touchpoints, and stakeholders in your service and product ecosystem. This comprehensive understanding allows us to identify opportunities for optimization, innovation, and collaboration, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience, reducing operational costs, and driving customer loyalty, thus creating more value for both your organization and your customers.

Orchestrate your service delivery

Great customer experiences are orchestrated through careful planning and alignment of multiple touchpoints that occur simultaneously across various channels. Understanding how to make these diverse experiences work cohesively together ensures a seamless and consistent journey for the customer, guaranteeing exceptional delivery that fosters loyalty, advocacy, and lasting relationships with the brand.


  • Customer journey mapping
  • Service blueprinting
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • System mapping
  • Persona creation
  • Jobs-to-be-done generation
  • Strategic assessments
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Value proposition design
  • Empathy mapping

Custom telehealth solution scales to a full healthcare ecosystem

After initial phases to launch and grow a custom telehealth application, Never Alone, CommuniCare Health Services wished to continue to expand the initial tablet application to a full ecosystem across many use cases and personas as the need for remote patient care continues to grow. Through an innovative partnership, CommuniCare Health Services was looking to continue momentum around the successful launch of their custom telehealth services (integrated with remote monitoring devices) to increase access and reduce costs for the IDD and older adult populations.

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design thinking co-creation and co-design services

Workshop facilitation

We facilitate alignment between your key stakeholders and customers around innovation initiatives. Using a design thinking approach, we use workshops to drive alignment within teams, with customers, and organizations. By the end of our workshops our clients are able to:

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Determine problem space and purpose

Alignment on challenges, opportunities, and initiative objectives

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Establish a clear north star and direction

Clear product strategy and initiative direction

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Critical view of strengths and limitations

Determine obstacles to overcome and plan how to use strengths to get ahead

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Productively ideate multiple concepts

Brainstorming initiative concepts and experiment prioritization