Private equity

Reimagine the customer experience. Transform your platform.


  • 01 Acquire
    CX assessment
  • 02 Grow
    UI redesign
    CX transformation
    Experience development
  • 03 Exit


  • Product assessment

    You’ve performed product due diligence. The deal has closed. Now you need to transform your product – fast.

    A full product assessment will uncover what needs attention and how to prioritize your digital transformation. We can perform a product assessment in 90 days to get you in and out fast, before you get disrupted.

  • User research

    As a critical upfront investment, user research can help you understand why your product doesn’t sell.

    UX research requires a highly valued set of soft skills – empathy, patience, and curiosity. Our UX researchers have honed their research techniques through extensive experience interviewing a broad and diverse spectrum of people.

    See our Never Alone case study to learn about our approach to user research.

  • UX design

    If your outdated platform is causing churn, it’s time to improve the user experience.

    Good UX design helps create smooth interactions for your customers at every touchpoint, leading to deeper engagement and brand loyalty. The quickest and most cost-effective way to transform your UX is to start with a UI redesign. Read our OneShield case study to learn more about our approach to UI redesign.

  • Service design

    Software development requires delivery across multiple touch points throughout the user journey.

    Our teams focus on the entire user experience, applying a human-centered process and collaborative approach that engages users throughout the customer experience. Read more about our approach to service design.

  • Front-end & back-end development

    While your initial focus may be on front-end improvements, true transformation requires back-end development.

    Our product management team can help ensure quality and drive delivery of your product. Whether you hire a dev shop or engage your internal dev team for implementation, we can help you source the right developers, identify roadblocks, and keep the project moving.

  • Solution architecture

    Transformation needs more than just a UI update. Digital transformation requires re-architecting the user experience.

    From new workflows to solution architecture, a modern product needs to combine elegance and high performance.

  • AI & machine learning

    AI and machine learning applications are leading to breathtaking advances in everything from financial analysis to personalized healthcare.

    Combined with big data, AI-ML can store vast amounts of data that can serve many needs. From demand forecasting to improving patient care, AI-ML is now embedded in most business operations. Our software developers specialize in AI-ML technologies and data engineering specific to private equity, logistics, and digital health.

  • Compliance

    Working within different operations and lifecycle phases requires continual context shifting.

    Complexity is further intensified by a changing regulatory environment. Our team of product managers understands the legal risk around privacy and security. We are HIPAA-compliant and trained in security protocols, and can help you enforce compliance efforts throughout your digital transformation.

  • Collaboration

    Effective collaboration and transparency are critical for designing and building custom software.

    If you’re looking for a dev shop, we’re not it. Instead, we focus on collaboration to quickly bring new experiences to life – through intensive research, asking the right questions, and taking a deep dive into the customer experience. Working together closely, we approach each project with laser focus on the end-user and a belief in clear and frequent communication to maintain a tight feedback loop.

OneShield Software

UI redesign improves workflow for insurance companies

OneShield Software provides software solutions to the global insurance and financial services industry. OneShield wanted a modern UI design that could provide a more intuitive workflow for customer service reps, billing managers, and claims department personnel.
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UI redesign

Before & after

Modernizing a platform generally requires both front-end and back-end development. Businesses that want to update their apps quickly can sometimes begin with a simple UI redesign. In the example below, we enhanced the screen by using color contrasts of texts and components to provide an intuitive user journey. Note the graphical images in the new interface, which help guide the user around the screen. Graphic elements help users distinguish between different types of navigation within the menu and can help users predict links and orient themselves.

Digital Transformation Financial Innovation Research Media / Technology
Before After

UI redesign improves private equity outcome for home health provider

Sandata is a leading U.S. provider of home care solutions. With private equity funding, Sandata came to us seeking a UI update to modernize its apps – a first step in digital transformation.
Design Sprint Healthcare
Apex tablet mockup

Reinventing the HCM experience through digital transformation

Apex® HCM, a national leader in cloud-based payroll, benefits, and HR technology, approached us to create a new design and clickable prototype for its Employer OnDemand platform, an online payroll system that serves as a flexible and reliable resource for payroll data collection, review, reporting, and printing.

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From product launch to platform growth

Huddle, Inc., distributor of millions of printed tickets to K-12 school events, wanted to find out whether high school athletic programs were ready for digital ticketing.
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