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We provide proven, growth-focused offerings for portfolio companies who need to implement a modernized user experience and immediately impact sales.

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why our clients choose us

01. We understand the unique challenges of private equity.

Our team offers proven, repeatable solutions to help you overcome obstacles and surpass benchmarks. Below are problems we help portfolio companies address:

  • Losing demo’s to new competitors
  • Sales lack of pride in the software
  • Lengthy customer onboarding
  • Unresponsive to long-time existing customer requests
  • New acquisition coming onboard
  • Technology & experience that hasn’t been touched in years.
  • Highly complex blackbox
  • Industry specialization that was built by engineers

02. We have seen it all.

Our digital product leaders have extensive experience across key industries, allowing us to onboard quickly and effectively navigate initiatives. Here are the industries we serve:

  • Digital health
  • Logistics & manufacturing
  • Venture capital
  • Education
  • Government
  • Retail
  • Commerce
  • Insurance and more…

03. High impact, low risk.

Our digital product leaders have extensive experience across key industries, allowing us to onboard quickly and effectively navigate initiatives.

30 US-based W-2 employees

Highly experienced team that deliver outcomes

14 years of average experience across teams

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Any industry, any complexity – the same approach

You can rest assured we see similar projects all the time. We reduce risk by staying steadfast to our approach.

Drive growth in 5 months 

We can help you implement a modernized user experience and immediately impact sales with these key deliverables:

Sales engagement video

  • Turn-key sales asset to empower your team, top to bottom
  • Knowledge transfer in an easily-digestible, visually-appealing way
  • Equip your sales team and stakeholders with a better understanding of how to position the product

Company-wide alignment prototype

  • Functioning prototype to engage stakeholders
  • Strategic feedback process to effectively prioritize features
  • Clear benchmarks and goal-oriented design sprints to rapidly iterate

Development-ready design system

  • Accessibility-enabled with a consistent look and feel across all components and elements
  • Scalable design systems to accommodate future growth and product changes
  • Integrated with existing development tools and workflows, making it easy to incorporate into existing projects

Product roadmap

  • Outline of key features and functionalities that will be developed, along with timelines and milestones for completion
  • Prioritize tasks and address any potential roadblocks or challenges that may arise during the development process
  • Effectively plan, execute, and communicate the design strategy, with a drive toward core objectives


ToolsGroup, a private-equity-backed global leader in supply chain management, came to us for an updated user experience for its proprietary predictive software.

Within 5 months, we completed  a redefined information architecture structure, a complete design system, and 40+ development-ready screens. We helped fulfill ToolsGroup’s vision to win back the sales cycle with a modernized platform that delivers a great user experience.

Toolsgroup-dashboard design


Fortna, a leading consulting firm in logistics, distribution, & engineering, needed to update and standardize its existing warehouse execution system (WES).

Midway through the engagement, they expanded the scope of the project to a complete overhaul of their current system. The final product transformed Fortna’s operations and laid the foundation to commercialize the product as the industry’s most advanced WES.