MVP Development Services – design, build, and test.

Validate your concept within 12 weeks with a minimum viable product.

Every product leader’s fear is to miscalculate demand for their new product. As a MVP software development company, Digital Scientists can help you minimize that risk and test the viability and adoption of your product before you launch.

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Minimum viable product development

Our approach to MVP software development

  • Speed – Yep, 12 weeks – that’s right! Using a high-speed design and MVP software development process, our senior product development team will challenge assumptions, diagnose problems, and accelerate feedback through a “build-measure-learn” feedback loop.
  • Launch – Our Launch program follows a standardized process that helps guide your team through a series of steps, enabling us to better understand your business vision, product strategy, the market dynamics, and your customer’s journey.
  • Learn – Get in front of user quickly. Let us help you validate your digital product or mobile app concept and resolve uncertainty before you scale.

Whether it’s a web application or mobile application you’re building, our U.S.-based company has 15+ years of experience assisting customers with MVP development services. We’re experts at going from nothing to something testable in a short timeframe. Once the concept is validated, we’re also here to partner with you all the way through commercialization.

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Our minimum viable product development process

The MVP software development process begins with an onsite or remote discovery workshop, in which we bring together our respective teams to discuss your goals, assumptions, culture, and direction. This baseline experience helps us quickly gain a deep understanding of your objectives and challenges and provides us with use cases that will help inform our direction. From there, we continue to collaborate with your team leaders on a weekly basis as we take you through each phase of our mvp development stages.

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MVP development deliverables may include:

  • Competitive analysis
  • User interview insights and applicable research via presentation
  • User personas
  • Customer journey maps
  • UX designs, prototypes, and design systems
  • Walk-through design videos (project dependent)
  • Solution architecture documentation
  • Product requirements
  • Defined business and technical level roadmap
  • Testable application launched to beta group
  • Usability testing results
  • All code written and produced during the engagement
  • Inline code level documentation

Partners in innovation

Digital Scientists is a leading MVP development company that develops digital products and experiences for large and mid-sized companies. We are a unique collective of researchers, designers, and developers of the digital world who pride ourselves in producing exceptional services and experiences with a fast, highly disciplined team. For clients across a variety of industries, we build strong, lasting, collaborative partnerships, sparking a commitment to continuous innovation and progress.

We partner with our clients to help them reach their desired outcome – whether that’s reaching their Series A funding, getting their product concept validated in the hands of users, or working with them for years to come to continue the product innovation cycle. We’re honored to work with each of our clients and work hard to truly partner with them – not just complete a scope of work.

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Kick-start your MVP app development today.