SMB Fleet Management App

Small-fleet management app allows small businesses to manage their fleets real-time location, health, and maintenance.

Logistics, Mobile, UX/UI

A major fortune 500 communications provider reached out to Digital Scientists to design, launch and innovate on an MVP product that would help SMB owners with the management of their fleets.

While fleet management isn’t a novel idea in the marketplace, a hole existed for those with small fleets (2-50) and small budgets. This demographic was in need of an easy-to-use and affordable solution for proactive maintenance, hazard alerts and realtime location updates

Fleet management app and OBDII port device

The challenge

When our client came to us, their team had already started product development of the IoT hardware device that would be paired with the application, but had no experience with B2C software products or navigating the mobile app stores.

Our innovation team needed to design and validate an experience that busy SMB owners would actually use and find beneficial. The challenge was to save them time and money by managing their vehicle maintenance for them so they had less costly, reactive vehicle repair events throughout the year.

Integrating and leading international teams to complete this IoT B2C mobile experience would be a challenge on its own. But Digital Scientists thrives at being in the center of innovation teams when bringing a product to market.

The plan

Starting with several alignment workshops, Digital Scientists partnered with our client to develop a market launch plan.

  1. Research & Align
    Going straight to the source, DS would lead user interview sessions to validate assumptions and set the course for the user experience, feature prioritization and launch efforts.
  2. Prove the concept
    While designing, we would frequently checked back in with users to ensure our concepts were intuitive and met the needs of a busy SMB owner.
  3. Launch the product
    Research and design is one thing, but getting the product to an actual market test is another. Launching across three different stores would need to be coordinated event across multiple teams.

The outcome

Developed in 6 Months

Mobile first App

4 rounds of usability testings

Launched on Amazon

A proved concept

There was little guess work by the time of launch. The product had been validated thoroughly with user research. The team was confident that the product solved current SMB owner vehicle-related pain points in significant ways.

A future-proof, cross platform app

Developed with the latest technologies, the client had a single, cross-platform application code base to grow with. This ensured that client that their roadmap wouldn’t be hindered by technical debt or constraints.

Milestones & timeline

Research & align

alignment workshops
user interviews
competitive landscape review
persona development
technical assessments


Proof of concept

visual design
primary flow prototypes
usability testing and insights


Product launch

App store (iOS and Android) subscription configuration
Final application QA and UAT
Launch logistics and coordination


User-validated product design and development

workflow requirements and design
high-fidelity visual design and prototype
iterative usability testing
Cross platform app development (React Native)

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