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We are your software innovation lab – an integrated team of product designers and software developers using the latest frameworks and tools to deliver awesome new software products. We partner with forward-thinking businesses to create mobile apps, websites, ecommerce stores and internet of things (IoT) applications. Established in 2007, we are proud to call metro Atlanta home. We believe in taking a “design thinking” approach to solving complex problems for users.


Web Apps and Digital Platforms
Custom Website Solutions
Dashboard & Reporting Apps
Content Management Tools

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Mobile Ecommerce Stores
Desktop Ecommerce Stores
Sales Tools and Apps
Digital Currencies & Commerce

Customer Experience Strategy

Clarify your destination and develop new solutions for delivering value to your customers.

Market Research

Use quantitative and qualitative methods to get user insights and validate your concept.

Minimum Viable Product

Work with experts to design, build and launch a new product or service in 90 days.

Digital Product Blueprint

Define your product, features, design & workflows: Everything you need to build a great application.

New Product Development

Collaborate with our experienced product team to build innovative software.

Ecommerce Implementation

Work with our experienced digital team to launch your ecommerce store.

As a software development company, we partner with forward-thinking businesses to create new digital platforms, products and services.

Minimum Viable Product:

Launched in 75 days.

BoxLock is the first internet-connected padlock. Digital Scientists designed and built the platform from the ground-up, including native mobile apps for iOS and Android, an Admin app, and back-end infrastructure.

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Selected Work

Our custom software development and UX design teams have worked with companies large and small, across a wide range of industries. Over the last ten years, we have launched many new custom software applications across most of today’s modern platforms and devices.  Most of the software projects shown below were built to integrate multiple digital touch points to create a seamless buyer journey. Our work samples include mobile applications, custom software for IoT devices, ecommerce platforms, and custom websites.

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