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Whether you’re kicking off a new venture, aligning an internal board, or modernizing a legacy application, starting your software product journey with a proof of concept (PoC) reduces risk and allows your team to align around a shared product vision. Capitalize on our expertise to solidify stakeholder support and expedite your project’s progress with our proof of concept software services.

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What is a proof of concept (PoC)?

A Proof of Concept (PoC) can take various forms, such as a design concept, a clickable prototype, or a coded, functional prototype. Its goal is consistent: to demonstrate the viability and functionality of your product vision.


Why start with a PoC?

A proof of concept allows you to learn before you develop or launch anything. And maybe more importantly, to align your team with the data from the learnings. Rather than waiting months to gauge the viability of your product concept after an MVP launch, you can obtain concrete data from a realistic prototype.

A PoC provides the ability to learn, adapt, and align your team with empirical data before full-scale development or product launch. It accelerates the traditional timeline from concept validation to product testing, condensing months of work into mere weeks.


Why choose Digital Scientists to build your proof of concept software?

  • Speed – We move quickly, so that you can learn quickly. Our team moves swiftly, facilitating rapid learning and faster decision-making.
  • Demonstrated Expertise – This isn’t our first rodeo. With a many of successful product launches under our belt, our seasoned team brings a depth of experience to the table, working with to bring new concepts to life.
  • Proven Methodologies – Our US-based proof of concept software team specializes in validating product concepts quickly. We employ industry standard frameworks such as Google Venture Design Sprint that ensure that we collaboratively and quickly deliver an effective proof of concept.
  • Alignment Driven – We facilitate alignment between your key stakeholders and customers with our proof of concept process. Using a design thinking approach, we are experienced using workshops to drive alignment within teams, with customers, and organizations.

We know that users and stakeholders alike need something visual, clickable, and most importantly, realistic in order to provide meaningful feedback. Our team will help your organization prove the concept, gain alignment and move forward before you develop and launch.

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Deliverables may include:

  • PoC feature prioritization roadmap
  • UX Designs
  • Functional prototype (coded) or clickable prototype (designed)
  • Walk-through design videos
  • User validation testing



* The deliverables of each proof of concept will vary based on the need of each product vision.

Technical feasibility or Workflow prototyping

A proof of concept can serve various purposes, from exploring technical feasibility to investigating a specific use case:

  • Technical Feasibility:
    This type dives into the technical aspects of the product concept, answering the question “Is it possible to make this work?”. It identifies potential challenges early, reducing risks and avoiding setbacks. The execution of this proof of concept type generally requires a senior team skilled in product management, solution architecture, and software engineering. The timeline depends largely on the complexity of the technical challenge.
  • Workflow Prototype:
    This proof of concept type focuses on a specific function or ‘job to be done’, delivering a clickable prototype in order to receive valuable user feedback. It typically requires a team skilled in user research, product management, and design, and can usually be completed in a few weeks.

At Digital Scientists, our experienced product team combines these diverse skill sets to guide you through this process, tailoring the proof of concept to your specific needs and laying the groundwork for a smoother, faster, and more successful software development journey.

Partners in innovation

Digital Scientists is a leading proof of concept software development company that develops digital products for large and mid-sized companies. We are a unique collective of researchers, designers, and developers who love to produce exceptional services and experiences with a fast, highly disciplined team. For clients across a variety of industries, we build strong, lasting, collaborative partnerships, sparking a commitment to continuous innovation and progress.

We partner with our clients to help them reach their desired outcome – whether that’s reaching their Series A funding, getting their product concept validated in the hands of users, or working with them for years to come to continue the product innovation cycle. We’re honored to work with each of our clients and work hard to truly partner with them – not just complete a scope of work.

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