From strategy to launch, we partner with you every step of the way.

Through an end-to-end innovation program, our UX designers, technical researchers, and software engineers help teams innovate and launch new digital products – fast. How?

Product management at Digital Scientists

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We listen before we build

The product managers at Digital Scientists quickly bring new experiences to life through intensive research, asking the right questions, and taking a deep dive into the customer experience. Working together closely, we approach each project with laser focus on the end-user and a belief in clear and frequent communication to maintain a tight feedback loop.

We’re not a dev shop. We’re collaborators. Our team has honed a unique set of skills stemming from deep experience with businesses of all sizes and from across a wide range of industries. Whether collaborating with small Atlanta-based clients or billion-dollar multinationals, we continually demonstrate an ability to quickly integrate with any team structure and get up to speed lightning-fast on new product concepts.


Our PMs are Scrum-certified and have a deep understanding of waterfall and agile methodologies. We base our approach on our client’s specific needs and timeframe. In some cases, we apply a hybrid approach, straddling waterfall and agile, which can be highly effective in MVP engagements.

Many of our PMs are certified in the following methodologies:

  • Certified ScrumMaster®
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner®
  • Professional Agile Leadership™
  • Pragmatic Institute

Design at Digital Scientists

We focus on one kind of experience – the human experience.

Design is more than just making pretty webpages and apps. Designers must consider the full impact of design on the user experience and design with mindfulness, curiosity, and empathy.

Though we are a highly diverse team of designers, we share a deep commitment to creating meaningful and impactful experiences – driven fully by insight-led design.

How do we accomplish this? We’re a curious bunch. We know we can’t design a superior experience without a deep understanding of the user. Research is the first step we take in every engagement. We seek to learn everything we can about a user – how they engage with a product, how they move through an app experience, and what grabs their attention. We are highly analytical and strategic in our approach. We want users to love their experience. No dark patterns. No psychological tricks. We earn users’ attention by designing high-quality experiences that build trust and loyalty – a truly human experience.

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Development at Digital Scientists

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Our approach to development

Great apps require more than just mastery of code. To build a groundbreaking app, you need devs who can push boundaries while minimizing risk to your business. At Digital Scientists, we strive to be on the bleeding edge of technology – always innovating new approaches to provide clients with brilliant apps that will enhance the human experience.

Driven by curiosity and a shared passion for building new products, we are a close-knit bunch – laid back and, yes, kind of quirky – but highly responsive to our clients’ needs and compulsively invested in the success of every product we build.

Our capabilities

  • Native iOS and Android mobile development using React Native
  • Fully responsive design and development
  • Google Cloud + AWS infrastructure planning + Management
  • API development + Integration
  • Speed + adaptability using Ruby on Rails framework
  • AI, machine learning
  • Full stack development
  • Internet of Things (IoT) – Bluetooth hardware integration

Framework & technologies

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Customer success at Digital Scientists

What makes our process unique

Our Customer Success team goes above and beyond normal support by pairing with the project team to understand the product and competitive landscape, product differentiators and user personas that will be utilizing the application.     

In addition to technical application support, we offer Managed Services that provide insights into product usage, proactive performance checking and roadmap enhancements to continually add value to your products.