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Today’s best products require deep specialization in machine learning.

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As machine learning accelerates new product development, the digital landscape is growing highly complex. This complexity requires deep specialization and a senior-level team of software developers.

Our developers bring machine learning expertise to every project. Whether we’re applying machine learning techniques in a new product development cycle or in application design, we leverage the power of machine learning to help you gain a competitive edge.

Machine Learning with Google Cloud Partner

Artificial intelligence in marketing

From natural language processing to smart recommendations, AI and machine learning are revolutionizing the user experience with technology that can generate highly personalized interactions – and strengthen customer engagement.

Our AI developers have deep experience in machine learning applications, and as a certified Google Cloud Partner we can leverage the power of the Cloud to build, deploy, and manage deep learning models that can transform your digital marketing.

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60% of business and technology leaders have already implemented an ML strategy.

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Our ML applications

From startups to unicorns, we develop machine learning solutions for companies of all sizes. Check out some of our machine learning applications:

Machine Learning Image Saliency Gif

Image saliency detection

Image saliency detection is a process that uses machine learning to automatically identify the most relevant or salient visual elements within an image. Its primary use case is to detect logos, branding, and other key design elements on a webpage automatically so a system can assemble those images for personalized marketing activities. No more manual copying and pasting. To see how it works, read about our image saliency work with Mailchimp.

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Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is used to extract and measure customer perceptions of a brand to help inform a company’s advertising and marketing campaigns. To help our client track and measure customer sentiment, we built an AI-driven machine learning model that enabled us to aggregate the opinions of our client’s Twitter audience.

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Machine Learning Sentiment Analysis
Machine Learning Logo Detection

Logo detection

Personalization is critical in today’s marketing activities. Using a machine learning model – or image recognition system – we can extract brand images and logos from websites within seconds for clients who want to personalize their marketing campaigns. Learn more in our logo detection case study.

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Handwriting analysis

Converting handwritten script to typed text continues to be one of the most difficult tasks in data science. Our client needed to convert thousands of handwritten names and email addresses into typed text so its marketing team could digitally store, sort, and search the contact information. We created an AI-ML model that could automatically recognize and digitize handwritten notes and segment text within lists for millions of handwriting samples.

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Machine Learning Handwriting Analysis

Ways to get started

Machine Viable Model

Minimum viable model

Jumpstart your AI and machine learning efforts by building and testing a minimum viable model for your business use cases. Our product and development team brings deep expertise in AI and machine learning to help you to identify, test, and solve your business challenges.

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Our machine learning process

Machine Learning Process

Our developers specialize in the following open-source platforms:

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