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Through an innovative partnership, CommuniCare Health Services was looking to continue momentum around the successful launch of their custom telehealth services (integrated with remote monitoring devices) to increase access and reduce costs for the IDD and older adult populations.

  • Digital health
  • Venture capital
  • Emergency services
  • Insurance
  • Hospital network
  • Senior nursing facilities
  • IDD services
  • Telehealth platform
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Product strategy
  • Strategic business advisory
  • Competitive market analysis
  • Capability differentiation
  • Distribution strategy
  • Product & market thought leadership
  • Product roadmapping
  • UX research & design
  • Mobile app development
  • Custom software development

The challenge

After initial phases to launch and grow a custom telehealth application, Never Alone, CommuniCare Health Services wished to continue to expand the initial tablet application to a full ecosystem across many use cases and personas as the need for remote patient care continues to grow.

Seeing the opportunities around at-home care, they wished to serve their providers with a custom solution to help them care for many different types of patients in many settings.

client questions

The internal experience of product launch was so positive, it led CHS to the next set of questions:

Could we build a similar application for our different types of healthcare providers?

Seeing the opportunities around at-home care, they wished to serve their providers with a custom solution to help them care for many different types of patients in many settings.

How might we expand the use case beyond the current application to other populations and opportunities?

CommuniCare was looking to expand their users beyond independent seniors looking to safely age at home. From patients with acute care needs to those who have intellectual or developmental disabilities, we helped expand the possible opportunities for the telehealth platform.

Would we be able to bring this experience to those outside our organization?

We helped CHS look beyond their current populations and patients, to business opportunities outside of their organization. What would multi-tenancy look like and what other organizations would benefit from this platform?

The outcome

The client went from a single supported tablet application, to a full telehealth support communication ecosystem that scales with their growing needs and unlocks business opportunities.

Bringing experience from a wide breadth of industries, we delivered an end-to-end telehealth and social service for aging seniors that spans across CRM, EHR, and social care management. Within nine months, we developed a fully integrated tablet application with the following features:

  • 24/7 video access to a Personal Care Partner
  • On-demand emergency services
  • Stand-alone telehealth scheduling and visits
  • Medical and social calendar with alerts
  • Pilot program experience & feedback analysis
  • Care Management Platform, which replace Salesforce and third-party applications, that offers personalized service and continuity of care across social and medical needs
  • Advisory services for Never Alone business operations, Easterseals IDD expansion, pilot and market strategy, program management, ecosystem offerings to potential software partners

What we did


The Never Alone Platform was purposefully built to expand access to patients, increase the quantity and quality of interactions, and efficiently orchestrate high volumes of telehealth visits with highly skilled providers.

custom healthcare platform ecosystem illustration

Custom software transforms healthcare

Leaders at CommuniCare, one of the nation’s largest providers of post-acute care, came to us with the idea of a custom solution to replace Salesforce. We grew their idea into a custom digital product, Never Alone, with a custom EHR and telehealth component that increased market share and transformed the company’s business model within 18 months.

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Driving innovation

We began working with our customer to implement a single application. Our connection was tight, and as this new app began getting used, the customer saw opportunities to enhance the team’s experience and we worked together to keep taking the next step as the care communication and management came fully in house.

March 2021

Launch a custom telehealth MVP


Partnership was created with a vision to help seniors age at home.

June 2021

Skilled Senior Nursing Facility Pilot Program


Seniors began using Never Alone and connecting with care partners.

Seniors and IDD user interface
JAN 2022

Expansion of Care Management as a Provider CRM


Began developing a custom-fit operational program to improve care and replace SalesForce.

Provider CRM / Replacing SalesForce
JUNE 2022

Employee and Skilled Nursing Platform


With the care platform, completed, developed experiences for skilled nursing and employee administrators to drive efficiency.

call portal for employees and administrators

Expansion of the Custom CRM & Care Management Platform

Looking to expand the Never Alone application, our team of product experts were able to evolve their single tablet app into a full ecosystem of products that would deliver ROI and help them scale their overall business.

MVP Launch
Speed to Market with first launch in 90 days

Beta Program(s)
Manage, launch & facilitate

New Product Innovation
Patent pending ecosystem

Business & Market Direction
B2B, B2C & B2G strategies including grant proposal drafting

SaaS Business Creation
Multi-tenancy, pricing, hiring, interviews, services implementation

Buy, Build, Partner Evaluation
RFP build out, system evaluations, function and workflow analysis, technical feasibility

Production Launch & Support
Including Managed Services and technical application support

Growth & Scaling
Accelerated across 7 states with plans to take fully national

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