Technology Strategy and Enablement for Value Based Care

We deliver enterprise-scale healthcare products and services that drive significant ROI. Our experienced, US-based team excels in delivering secure, private, and integrated solutions that enhance user experience and ensure compliance with healthcare regulations.

Value Based Care

Embracing value-based care shifts focus from volume to value. We help organizations deliver personalized, preventive, and coordinated care, fostering healthier populations.

Pharma & MedTech

We innovate in life sciences by optimizing pharmaceutical value chains, expediting drug discovery to commercialization, and crafting software ecosystems.

Population Health

Custom digital solutions drive efficiency, transparency, and better decision-making, transforming the way academia, government orgs and NGOs function and serve its constituents.

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Our experts make the difference

We are a seasoned team of multi-disciplinary experts in digital product, design, development, and customer success. Through proven and repeatable processes, our team creates transformative solutions with lasting impact.

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Dennis Joseph
sr. director of product management & digital health practice lead
  • Experience leading innovation in Telehealth, EMR, medical devices, etc.
  • 20+ years in healthcare, including digital health strategy, product development, strategic marketing, telehealth and more.
Maria De La Vega
director of design
  • Expertise in design strategy, research, & thinking.
  • Event speaker and top mentor on ADPlist
  • Atlanta, GA chapter president of Service Design Network
Greg Zancewicz
senior developer
  • AWS, ML, Data Science, Architecture, Diagramming, Requirements Engineering and Security, strong consultative skills,
  • 10+ years specializing in healthcare
Jerry Deng
principal engineer
  • AI, ML, Full Stack Development from API to Front-End, Data Engineering.
  • Comprehensive forward- thinking R&D approach to technology, bridging the gap between complex data and practical
Michelle Titolo
product manager
  • Leads quality of care initiatives and operational efficiencies in the healthcare industry
  • Experienced leader of researchers, designers and developers

Value Based Care Consulting

Our advisory services encompass a range of strategic, operational, and technological guidance aimed at optimizing performance, improving patient outcomes, and achieving financial sustainability within the value-based care framework. We audit your technology ecosystem to understand sources of cost, complexity, & missed opportunity to suggest a value-added path forward.

Risk Adjustment

Risk Adjustment Assessment: Perform an assessment of your current Risk Adjustment profile. We will review risk score accuracy, accuracy of YoY coding, and the top and bottom performers when it comes to risk capture.

MDS Optimization

MDS Accuracy Assessment: We will perform a review of discrepancies in functional, cognitive and psychosocial assessments to determine the accuracy of assessment scores and evaluate the necessary evidence for audit.

Quality and Custom Reporting

Our Quality and Custom Reporting Advisory Service equips healthcare organizations to excel in value-based care by developing tailored reporting systems that enhance data-driven decision-making and ensure compliance. We provide expert guidance on advanced analytics tools and processes, enabling continuous improvement in care quality and operational efficiency.

Healthcare Capabilities


Mobile App Development

We design and build user-friendly mobile applications that enhance patient engagement and data collection, crucial for delivering effective value-based care.

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Our development of AI, machine learning, and natural language processing technologies optimizes data analysis and insights, driving personalized care and operational efficiencies in value-based healthcare models.

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SAAS software development

We create scalable, cloud-based software solutions that enable seamless access to healthcare services and data management, facilitating continuous care improvement and compliance with value-based care standards

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Software as a Medical Device (SAMD)

We specialize in developing regulated software solutions that function as medical devices, intended to diagnose and treat patients more effectively under value-based care frameworks.

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DATA engineering

Our data engineering expertise ensures robust architecture and integration of healthcare data systems, enabling advanced analytics that support decision-making in value-based care environments.

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User research, UX design, Human factors

We focus on understanding end-user needs and behaviors through comprehensive research and design, creating intuitive and accessible technology solutions that improve patient and provider experiences in value-based care settings.

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Healthcare Solutions

Predictive Analytics

Leveraging historical data to forecast future healthcare outcomes, optimizing preventive care and resource allocation.

Telehealth Apps

Providing convenient, remote healthcare access via telemedicine applications that support real-time patient-provider interactions.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Enabling continuous monitoring of patients outside traditional clinical settings to enhance proactive care.


Facilitating seamless data exchange across different healthcare systems to improve care coordination and patient outcomes.

Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS)

Integrating clinical guidelines and patient data to assist healthcare providers in making informed treatment decisions.

Medical AI

Employing artificial intelligence to enhance diagnostic accuracy, treatment personalization, and healthcare process automation.

EHR and Practice Management Platforms

Streamlining administrative and clinical processes through integrated electronic health records and practice management tools.

Population Health & SDOH

Analyzing broad health data and social determinants to improve population health strategies and interventions.

Patient Engagement Platforms

Enhancing patient involvement in their own care through interactive tools that encourage communication and education.

Risk Adjustment Solutions

Adjusting financial or care priorities based on predictive risks to better manage patient care and outcomes.

Medical Web Applications

Providing web-based applications that support healthcare delivery, patient management, and administrative tasks.

Care Management & Patient CRM

Integrating patient relationship management and case tracking to optimize care pathways and patient follow-ups.

Achieved 95% Treatment in Place with Custom Virtual Care Ecosystem

Partnering with $2bn Communicare Health System, we modernized telehealth and care management for more than 26,000 patients.

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Value Based Care Solutions


Custom telehealth and virtual care ecosystem

Medical transcription and documentation service

Value based care analytics platform

HIPAA Compliance & PHI

HIPAA compliance is crucial for ensuring the security and privacy of Protected Health Information (PHI). At Digital Scientists, our extensive experience with PHI underscores our commitment to developing custom solutions that adhere to stringent data protection standards. This expertise not only helps prevent data breaches but also positions us as a trustworthy partner in the healthcare sector, adept at navigating complex regulations and maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information.

Data & Reporting Standards

We prioritize compliance with data and reporting standards from regulatory bodies like the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). Understanding and adhering to these regulations is essential for our custom healthcare solutions, ensuring they deliver accurate reporting and high-quality patient care. This commitment not only helps avoid penalties but also strengthens our reputation as a reliable partner in the healthcare industry.

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HIPAA Compliant MVP

Launch a new service or product in as little as 8 weeks

VBC Technology Consulting

Consulting services for technology integration in Value-Based Care.

Strategic Assessment

An evaluation to guide critical business strategies and decisions.

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