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Advanced healthcare technologies

As the telehealth explosion upends healthcare management, providers are adopting new models of patient care and actively seeking solutions to merge virtual and in-person care in a cost-effective manner.

From remote patient health monitoring to system integration, healthcare providers are radically changing their processes to deliver smarter, more efficient care.

Our product development team brings deep expertise in healthcare app development and machine learning applications for services across healthcare systems. Using AI-driven solutions,  we can help you develop new patient care technologies, integrate disparate technical services,   and help you bring patients closer to their health and wellness data.

Body MAP technology

Healthcare app development for virtual care

We begin every project focused on a holistic approach to service delivery throughout the healthcare system. From patient to provider, we can help you identify opportunities across multiple touch points and create personalized experiences for desktop and mobile healthcare apps. Learn more about our industry-leading approach to product design and development.

Intent Solutions pharmacist iPad interface
Health & fitness app development

Some of our healthcare clients –

Featured clients

Intent Solutions

Intent Solutions teamed up with us to develop an MVP for a smart medication dispensing device that uses biometrics to securely deliver medication. Our team built multiple apps that could interact with and manage the pill dispenser device, including a patient mobile app, a pharmacist iPad interface, and an admin application.

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Fusionetics body MAP technology


Fusionetics, which develops body MAP technology for physical trainers to use with their client athletes, was seeking an AI-driven self-serve mobility app. We delivered strategy, design, and a development plan for a prototype of a movement-based consumer-facing application.

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Our healthcare app development solutions:

  • Fitness and mobility
  • Health Metrics
  • IoT devices
  • Mobile healthcare apps
  • Provider management
  • Telehealth