Our Work

IoT Smart Pill Bottle

Intent Solutions™ teamed up with Digital Scientists to optimize a smart medication dispensing device that uses biometrics to securely deliver medication.

The challenge

Intent Solutions sought to improve patient outcomes by ensuring medications are taken exactly as directed – at the right time, at the right dose, and by the right person. Its goal was to create a streamlined patient experience in a mobile app (MVP) that has the ability to collect real-time behavioral and compliance data for use by doctors and other clinicians as appropriate. 

Our Role

  • Product design
  • iOS & Android apps development


  • React Native
  • Apple iOS and Android
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Built on a HIPAA-compliant platform from Amazon


  • Admin interface
  • Pharmacist interface
  • Patient interface
Intent solutions product design

Take As Directed™

Working alongside the electronics development team at Milestone Consulting, we designed a smart medication dispensing device that uses biometrics to help ensure medication compliance. Take As Directed™, or tad™, is a connected portable device that will dispense medication at the right dose, at the right time, and most importantly, to the right patient. Within the platform, we designed and created three interface solutions:

Intent solutions app

Admin interface:

This prescriber interface is used by an admin, such as a doctor, clinician, researcher, or other professional. The admin sets the rules and parameters for each medication through the tad portal, which requires entering the prescription, dosage, and timeline.

Pharmacist interface:

Through the admin app, the pharmacist has the ability to load the medications and instructions into the device before handing it off to the patient.

Patient interface:

The patient uses the app to track progress and dispensation of medication; receives notifications and reminders of when to take it, and tracks any issues or symptoms that may arise. Information can be synced to the cloud and given to the doctor or clinician. The tad mobile app allows a patient to establish a personal identification number (PIN) and store the PIN in the Customer Admin Module. The tad mobile app can enable dispensation mode if a valid PIN is provided.

Intent solutions admin interface
patient interface

Bluetooth integration

Intent Solutions came to us with a physical device, the pill box, built with proprietary hardware and software. We needed to find a way to connect a mobile app via Bluetooth to the existing device. We worked closely with the developer of the pill box controller hardware, Milestone Consulting, to ensure our Bluetooth integration utilized the latest BLE advancements. Our team built multiple apps that interact with and manage the pill dispenser device, including the patient mobile app, the pharmacist iPad interface and the admin application.

Further, we designed and developed individual solutions for each stakeholder in the ecosystem: the doctor, the pharmacist, and the patient, or caregiver.

tad companion by Intent

Additional benefits

– Monitors & manages behavioral and adherence data in real-time
– Collects patient survey responses during the course of prescription or drug trial
– Provides patient information to help achieve better health outcomes through healthcare app development

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Digital Scientists took a holistic approach to the project, determining how the product fit into the overall market.

They collaborated closely with the internal team, even presenting new features. We’ve received positive feedback from numerous end users on the UX/UI of the apps.”

John Kidd CTO, Intent Solutions