Minimum viable model – getting started with AI.

Design, build, and test an AI / ML model with optimal investment and minimal risk.


With deep expertise in AI and machine learning, our product and development team can work with you to identify, test, and solve your business challenges with AI.

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What is a Minimum Viable Model (MVM)?

You’ve heard of an MVP, right? Similarly, a minimum viable model (or MVM) is the creation of an AI/ML application that is able to be tested. In software development, it’s the first major milestone of an AI model.

The goal of an MVM is to be able to build quickly, test early and discover real world opportunities or challenges while reducing risk and costs to creating and implementing AI application.



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Why choose Digital Scientists for your MVM development?

  • We’re experienced – We don’t just talk about AI/ML, we’ve been developing minimum viable models for partners for years.
  • We deliver – Our integrated team of product managers, designers and developers can build the web application or mobile application that your AI/ML model will live within.
  • We’re U.S.-based – Work with a team that’s in your timezone and understands your business’s unique challenges.

Digital Scientists is a leading experience lab that develops digital products and experiences for large and mid-sized companies. We are a unique collective of researchers, designers, and developers of the digital world who pride ourselves in producing exceptional services and experiences with a fast, highly disciplined team. Our product managers, designers and developers, all of whom are in-house and fully employed by DS, our development team is Google Cloud Certified.

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Our MVM process

Our MVM process will guide you through the necessary steps to build an initial AI/ML model. Our process follows the industry standards, starting with identifying a hypothesis, analyzing a data set, determining the appropriate algorithm, cleaning, segmenting and qualifying the data, training the algorithm against the data, and evaluating the model against the business use case.

Machine Learning Process

MVM deliverables often include:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Customer journey maps
  • Solution architecture documentation
  • Product requirements
  • Defined business and technical level roadmap
  • Testable AI/ML model

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