Minimum viable model

Design, build, and test a machine learning model with optimal investment and minimal risk.

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As Google Cloud partners with deep expertise in AI and machine learning, our product and development team can work with you to identify, test, and solve your business challenges.

Machine Learning with Google Cloud Partner

Our approach

Our MVM process will guide you through the necessary steps to build an initial machine learning model. Our process follows the industry standards, starting with identifying a hypothesis, analyzing a data set, determining the appropriate algorithm, cleaning, segmenting and qualifying the data, training the algorithm against the data, and evaluating the model against the business use case.


Our MVM process

What is the engagement like?

Our product and development experts are trained to help teams to identify and uncover hidden opportunities for improving their businesses with AI and machine learning techniques – always with a focus on helping you move to market quickly with a viable solution at minimal risk. Our primary goal is to help companies test digital solutions fast.

Each MVM engagement is a bit different, depending on the complexity, scope, and specific business use case you’re trying to solve. But in every engagement, we follow a proven standardized process that enables us to either quickly validate a narrow set of use cases to solve a need or to challenge existing assumptions and assertions.

Machine Learning Code
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Engagement phases

  • Phase 0 – Kickoff & use case definition
  • Phase 1 – Explore & transform data
  • Phase 2 – Conduct statistical analysis / assess predictive power
  • Phase 3 – Build simple ML models (optional)
  • Phase 4 – Report creation
  • Phase 5 – Findings preview

From short-term engagements that bring a sense of urgency, to long-term partnerships that require ongoing collaboration on multiple products, we have the capabilities and expertise to bring your vision to life.

Why DS?

Digital Scientists is a leading experience lab that develops digital products and experiences for large and mid-sized companies. We are a unique collective of researchers, designers, and developers of the digital world who pride ourselves in producing exceptional services and experiences with a fast, highly disciplined team.

For clients across a variety of industries, we build strong, lasting, collaborative partnerships, sparking a commitment to continuous innovation and progress.

Our product managers and developers, all of whom are in-house and fully employed by DS, are Google Cloud Certified and have deep technical capabilities in:

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We ask the right questions.

With over a decade of experience in digital product development, our senior-level team of product managers and developers leverage extensive experience from across a broad range of industries. We know the critical questions to ask and how to challenge assumptions in our focus to push product outcomes toward excellence.