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Innovation Research, Machine Learning, Product Design + Development

Mailchimp and Digital Scientists team up for Creative Assistant

Mailchimp, a global leader in marketing automation, acquired a company that had recently built a design platform that could help marketing professionals instantly develop branded designs for social media channels. The platform would enable users to upload their brand assets, such as logo, colors, and photos, and would automatically generate pre-designed marketing material in the user’s brand.

But one obstacle impeded the automation process for platform users – the human element. Marketers were quick to sign on to the design service, but slow to build and upload their brand profiles. Mailchimp engaged Digital Scientists to integrate and improve the service in a way that would assist its customers with branded design material as quickly as possible.

  • Innovation research
  • Machine learning
  • Product design + development



our role
  • Product redesign
  • Initial platform integration
  • Assistance with alpha & beta testing
  • Site analyzer R&D
  • Creative Assistant (v1) integration
  • Robust site analyzer service
  • Multiple image-based ML models
  • Machine learning-driven image analysis service
  • Intelligent content pairing service

Jobs to be done

  • Seamlessly integrate Mailchimp’s newly acquired design service into the Mailchimp platform.
  • Accurately abstract a user’s brand from existing digital assets without user input.
  • Connect Mailchimp users to their AI-generated designs as easily as possible.

We developed Site Analyzer to automatically detect, analyze, and classify brand elements and campaign content.

Working closely with Mailchimp and the product visionary, our team of engineers solved the human roadblock by developing a tool called Site Analyzer – an AI-powered feature that eliminates the need for Mailchimp customers to manually upload brand assets. Site Analyzer uses machine learning to automatically learn and understand a user’s website, analyzing a website for logo, colors, fonts, and relevant campaign content – all in an instant.

A user simply enters their website URL into Mailchimp’s Content Studio, and Site Analyzer along with its companion services automatically detects, analyzes, and classifies the brand and campaign content on their site.

  • Logos
  • Band colors
  • Campaign content
  • Product listings
  • Typography
  • Site style guide
  • Social links
  • Metadata
  • Site categorization

From analysis to design

The brand elements are instantly assembled into a brand profile and are sent to Mailchimp’s design tool, Creative Assistant, which transforms them into beautiful, professionally branded designs. These slick designs, in a PNG or JPEG format, can be used as ads, heroes, or resized for social media. The whole process can generate a multi-channel marketing campaign in less than 10 seconds.

Analyze source graphic


Through our AI-driven tool, Mailchimp customers can now import a full range of content features to generate custom multichannel designs with the click of a button.


Within eight months of the beta launch, Mailchimp users created nearly five million instant designs. Want to see how it works? Check out Creative Assistant on Mailchimp’s website.

beta launch

APRIL 2020

design created in 2020


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