Experienced Development

When we develop software, it’s more than just writing code. It’s about bringing your vision to life, creating solutions that are not only practical but also innovative and valuable. These solutions are designed to resonate with your users and seamlessly align with your business goals.

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Development Capabilities

We emphasize maintainability in our development process, recognizing that effective software needs to evolve and adapt over time. Our team is committed to building software that is not only durable and adaptable but also primed for future innovation. We aim to create solutions that remain useful and relevant, ready to meet both current needs and future challenges.


Our mobile development expertise, leveraging technologies like React Native and Swift, enables us to create stable, high-performance applications across platforms. We handle the full development lifecycle, from concept to app store deployment, including MDM solutions. Focused on building maintainable and secure mobile applications, we ensure exceptional user experiences on all devices.

Web Development & SPAs

Our expertise extends to the realm of web technologies, particularly in crafting Single Page Applications (SPAs) that rival desktop apps in fluidity and user experience. At the core of our work is a mobile-first design philosophy, guaranteeing that our SPAs excel in responsiveness and performance on mobile devices.

AI & Machine Learning

Our expertise includes embedding complex machine learning models and AI features into web and mobile platforms. We harness the power of frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch, coupled with cutting-edge natural language processing and computer vision techniques, to deliver smart, context-aware applications. Our approach emphasizes scalable architectures and data-driven insights, ensuring that AI components not only enhance user experience but also provide tangible business value, from predictive analytics to automated customer interactions. This convergence of AI with our existing expertise in mobile and web development positions us at the forefront of creating intelligent, adaptive solutions for a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Cloud and DevOps

Our team is grounded in practical expertise with cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP. We don’t just talk the talk; our proficiency in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is tangible evidence of our advanced DevOps practices. We’re adept at building systems that scale seamlessly and integrating continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) processes, ensuring that our solutions are not just robust but also agile and adaptable to the ever-evolving tech landscape.


Our expertise in Internet of Things (IoT) development empowers us to create interconnected, smart solutions that extend beyond traditional computing environments. We focus on integrating various sensors and devices, ensuring reliable and secure data communication. Our team is proficient in developing IoT applications that are scalable, responsive, and tailored to specific industry needs, from home automation to industrial monitoring systems.

The development skills at the heart of our success

Software development is often mistakenly viewed as just coding and technical tasks. At Digital Scientists, we see it differently.

Each of our projects is spearheaded by a skilled, U.S.-based development team, adept in balancing technical excellence with the strategic goals of your business.

Custom Software Development

We excel in custom software development across various programming languages and frameworks, emphasizing clean, maintainable code for scalable, adaptable solutions. This ensure optimal performance and integration capabilities in every project, aligning with our ethos of continuous improvement and technical excellence.

Solution Architecture

Our methodology emphasizes robust project communication and clarity through visual architectural mapping and thorough documentation. This approach fosters a unified understanding among team members, streamlining collaboration, aligning objectives and reducing risk.

Security and Compliance

We are adept in cybersecurity and data privacy, prioritizing HIPAA compliance and the protection of sensitive information in all projects. With expertise in secure coding practices, we proactively safeguard against data breaches, ensuring the highest standards of security and confidentiality.

Data Management &

Leveraging our extensive expertise in data management and analytics, our team harnesses tools like BigQuery, Spanner, and Meltano ETLs, alongside PowerBI, Tableau, and custom BI implementations. This capability enables us to transform big data into actionable insights, driving informed strategic decisions for our clients.

Versatile Development Engagements

We have a flexible approach to development engagements, skillfully tackling technical challenges and fluidly adjusting to a variety of project needs, guided by expert leadership and cohesive teamwork.


Expert Coding Practices

Our software development methodology integrates industry best practices, emphasizing high-quality coding, efficient version control, automated testing, Agile project management, and a strong focus on security, compliance, and sustainable, scalable solutions.

what we do

Custom Software Development

Boasting an average experience of 15 years per team member, our team excels in a wide array of programming languages and frameworks. We prioritize crafting clean, maintainable code, underpinned by our motto, “leave it better than you found it.” This approach not only ensures high-quality software development but also emphasizes the importance of enhancing existing codebases for future scalability and adaptability.

Expertise in a Variety of Technologies

Our team’s extensive experience, averaging 15 years per individual, spans a vast array of programming languages and frameworks. This variety in expertise allows us to approach projects with a comprehensive understanding of different technological landscapes. From mainstream languages like Javascript and Python to specialized frameworks, our team’s proficiency ensures we can tackle any project with the right tools. This breadth of knowledge is crucial in selecting the most appropriate technologies for each project, ensuring optimal performance, scalability, and integration capabilities.

Emphasis on Clean, Maintainable Code

Central to our software development ethos is the principle of writing clean, readable code with a strong emphasis on maintainability. We adhere to the best practices in coding standards, ensuring that our codebases are not just functional but also easily understandable and modifiable. This commitment to clarity and structure in our code reflects our dedication to enhancing and refining any code we work on, aiming for continuous improvement. This philosophy is instrumental in reducing technical debt and facilitating easier updates and enhancements in the long term.

How we do it

  • Node
  • React / React Native
  • Angular
  • Ruby / Rails
  • Python
  • Swift
  • R
what we do

Solution architecture

At the heart of our methodology is the belief that robust project communication is key to success. This is achieved by cultivating a unified understanding across all team members. To achieve this, we employ the C4 model as our primary tool for architectural diagramming. It helps in creating a shared visual lexicon that transcends the usual barriers in complex projects. By visually mapping out the architecture, we ensure that every individual, from developers to stakeholders, is on the same wavelength.

Our dedication to clarity extends beyond just visual modeling. We undertake thorough documentation of both functional and non-functional requirements. In addition to these, we focus on creating detailed user stories. These stories go beyond mere functionality checkpoints; they provide the context, objectives, and driving forces for each feature, painting a comprehensive picture of the user’s journey.

Unified Visual Framework with the C4 Model

The cornerstone of our methodology is the C4 model for architectural diagramming. This model plays a crucial role in fostering a common visual language among team members. By visually representing the architecture, we ensure that every team member, regardless of their role, has a unified understanding of the project. This approach mitigates misunderstandings and aligns everyone towards a common goal, making the complex simple and understandable.

Removing the Guesswork

Designing a customized collection of reusable design components and patterns, empowers you to efficiently design and scale your product while maintaining consistency. We design development ready design systems that make collaboration and handoff between teams easy.

How we do it

  • Implementing C4 Model Diagramming
  • Utilization of UML Diagrams (Including Activity, State, Sequence, ERD)
  • Defining Architectural Perspectives: Deployment, Security, and More
  • Establishing Functional and Non-functional Requirements
  • Crafting User Stories
  • Proactively Identifying and Addressing Complexities Pre-Development
what we do

Data Management &

Our team adeptly handles big data, utilizing data analytics and business intelligence to inform strategic decision-making.

Experts in business intelligence

We are adept at handling big data, not just in terms of volume but in its complexity and velocity. We employ data analytics and business intelligence as crucial tools, transforming large amounts of data into meaningful insights. This process is integral to our strategic decision-making. Rather than relying on gut feelings or market trends, our approach is grounded in the data itself. It’s about discerning patterns, identifying opportunities, and anticipating challenges. In essence, we don’t just collect data; we make it speak, ensuring that every strategic move is backed by solid, actionable intelligence.

How we do it

  • PowerBI, Tableau, Custom BI implementations
  • Google analytics,
  • database management
  • Big Data
what we do

Expert Coding Practices

Our team is deeply immersed in the dynamic fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), dedicating our efforts to stay at the cutting edge of these evolving technologies. This ongoing exploration and focus equip us to deliver innovative solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also intelligent and tailored to meet the modern demands of a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Commitment to AI and ML Innovation

Our active engagement in AI and ML signifies our commitment to harnessing the power of these transformative technologies. We delve into the latest advancements, from neural networks to natural language processing, ensuring our solutions are built on the most advanced frameworks available. This dedication to innovation allows us to develop AI-driven applications and systems that are not just efficient but also predictive and adaptive. By integrating AI and ML into our core development processes, we can offer solutions that are intelligent, responsive, and capable of evolving with user needs and industry trends.

Delivering Intelligent, Future-Ready Solutions

Our focus on AI and ML transcends mere application; it’s about creating intelligent solutions that anticipate and adapt to future technological shifts. We don’t just follow trends – we aim to be trendsetters in integrating AI and ML into practical, real-world applications. Whether it’s enhancing user experience, optimizing operational efficiency, or unlocking new insights through data analysis, our solutions are designed to be robust, scalable, and forward-thinking. This approach ensures that the solutions we provide today remain relevant and effective in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

How we do it

  • python / pandas
  • huggingface
  • openai
what we do

Versatile Development Engagements

Our department excels due to its strong leadership foundation and a culture of collaborative teamwork. Our engineers stand out not just for their technical expertise, but also for their adeptness in team leadership and project management. They cultivate an environment of open communication and effective collaboration, essential for our success. Integration is a core value in our team dynamics, reflected in our cohesive work environment where open dialogue is standard practice.

Innovation / RD

Dedicated to innovation, our R&D initiatives focus on solving complex problems through unique, research-backed solutions. We consistently aim to expand the boundaries of technology.

Project Takeovers

Like skilled pilots taking the controls mid-flight, our team is masterful in steering ongoing projects towards their destination. We are adept at integrating with current code frameworks, identifying areas for enhancement, and implementing updates without major disruptions. Our approach includes careful planning, thorough code reviews, continual alignment with project goals, and effective coordination with previous development teams to ensure a smooth handover. This expertise enables us to effectively manage and improve projects, leading them to success.

Technical Support and Maintenance

We understand the importance of keeping your software running smoothly and efficiently. In our team, proficiency in software maintenance and support is a core skill. Our approach includes automated and manual testing, ensuring every update or change is thoroughly vetted for quality and performance.
We implement continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) practices, enhancing our ability to deliver updates quickly and reliably. Our infrastructure is specifically set up to support these efforts, enabling efficient workflow and early detection of potential issues. Additionally, our maintenance services are complemented by automated alerts, ensuring that we stay ahead of any challenges and keep your software in top condition.

Flexible Nearshore Scaling

At Digital Scientists, we understand the dynamic needs of software projects. Our model allows us to scale our team quickly and efficiently with nearshore assets. This flexibility means we can ramp up our workforce to meet your project’s specific demands, ensuring timely delivery without compromising on quality. With a pool of skilled nearshore professionals, we offer the agility your project needs to adapt and thrive in a fast-paced technological landscape.

Leadership & Teamwork

Our department excels due to its strong leadership foundation and a culture of collaborative teamwork. Our engineers stand out not just for their technical expertise, but also for their adeptness in team leadership and project management. They cultivate an environment of open communication and effective collaboration, essential for our success. Integration is a core value in our team dynamics, reflected in our cohesive work environment where open dialogue is standard practice.

what we do

Expert Coding Practices

Our software development approach is built on a foundation of industry best practices, focused on delivering reliable and high-quality software. Key aspects of our approach include:

Building and Sustaining Code Quality

  • Quality Coding Standards: We strive for high-quality, maintainable code to maintain integrity.
  • Version Control with Git: Efficient code management and teamwork are achieved using Git.
  • Automated Testing in CI/CD: Key for increasing release velocity and maintaining code quality.
  • Regular Code Reviews: Ensuring continuous improvement through feedback.
  • Agile and Scrum: Flexible and responsive project management techniques.
  • Security and Compliance: Prioritizing secure coding and adhering to industry standards.
  • Risk Management: Identifying and addressing development risks proactively.
  • Sustainable Practices: Focusing on the long-term maintainability and scalability of software.

How we do it

  • Pair programming
  • Fostering a Low Ego Work Culture
  • Avoiding Unilateral Decision-Making
  • Maintaining alignment with organizational and project goals
  • Offering mentorship to fellow developers
  • Cultivating an atmosphere of positivity
  • Training programs
  • Focus on solutions, not problems