Gaining a competitive advantage through a modernized user experience.

Digital Transformation, Industrial / Manufacturing, Innovation Research, Product Design + Development

Unwieldy UI creates customer confusion

NexTraq was struggling with friction and inefficiency in its customer experience. The company found it necessary to employ a large customer service team to guide and support its customers through its product information – an expensive solution to the company’s UX problem.

  • Industrial / manufacturing
  • Digital transformation
  • Innovation research
  • Product design + development

Structured approach to redesign

We applied a proven methodology spanning research, design, and solution architecture. Working closely with NexTraq through each phase, we were able to identify critical areas needing improvement.

We kicked off the engagement with a discovery workshop, in which we interviewed internal team members to understand where the customer experience was breaking down and next interviewed clients to uncover problems in the customer experience.

Our experience team reviewed NexTraq’s customer processes – from initial awareness to late-stage upselling – and noted the pain points and bottlenecks as validated by user feedback. We mapped their goals, the steps necessary to complete them, performed a competitor analysis, and recommended a UX roadmap of prioritized improvements to carry forward.

our role
  • UX transformation & UI modernization
  • Research & innovation
  • Solution architecture review
  • Roadmap prioritization
  • Digital transformation
  • Visual desktop designs
  • UI style guide
  • Updated user personas
  • User research insights
  • Future user journey map
  • High-level UX platform recommendations
  • Product roadmap

What we did

Prior to engaging us, NexTraq needed to maintain a relatively large support team to guide and support its customers through its product line – an expensive solution to its user experience problem.

To deliver a trustworthy product roadmap that would truly improve the user experience, our custom logistics software team interviewed both clients and internal team members. We mapped their goals, all the steps taken to complete them, and all the roadblocks and speed bumps along the way.

Our approach and solutions

Journey map

To provide NexTraq with updated personas that better reflect NexTraq’s customers, we created detailed user journey maps with highlighted pain points and also provided the team with a robust competitor analysis.


After understanding NexTraq’s market and the company’s market position, our team began modernizing the user interface. Working closely the NexTraq’s development team, we concepted collaboratively so that work could be implemented in the most efficient way.

We delivered NexTraq a comprehensive styleguide that incorporated its updated corporate branding and provided the foundation necessary for the company’s product to expand in a visually cohesive manner.


These combined efforts helped build a product line roadmap that NexTraq could trust to create a profitable future for its products, brand, and customers.

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