Connecting farmers through technology

Farmwave partnered with Digital Scientists to launch a mobile app that provides AI-powered image processing to present growers with real-time feedback at every stage of crop maturity.

AI, Logistics, Mobile, UX/UI

The challenge

Farmwave brings together a growing community of farmers, agronomists, crop scientists and researchers who know that sharing knowledge can make all the difference. By applying the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning, Farmwave transforms data into actionable high-level information.

Partnering with the team from Farmwave, Digital Scientists designed and built the mobile application.

Destination workshops

Designer presenting to a client

To kick-off the design aspect of this product, we gathered all Farmwave stakeholders and our project team to discuss the long-term vision of the product. These destination workshops are designed to gain a full understanding of the project goals, what unmet needs it will fulfill, and what the product will ultimately be, now and up to two years into the future.

We wanted to understand the big picture and where and how Farmwave fits in it. It gives us a target, a destination that we all work toward.

For credit customers at Fortiva, the process of account management for one or multiple accounts online can be cumbersome. By allowing customers to view multiple accounts from a single dashboard, the effort required to view and manage accounts and preferences will be greatly reduced.

Understanding the user

farm land with farm vehicles

After the workshop with Farmwave, we dug into understanding the journey of the user. We identified all of the user behaviors, variables, and experiences customers encounter when wrestling with the problem we’re trying to solve.

Understanding the current journey gives us insights into the frustrations users may have and helps us see what solutions may be needed.

Along with the workshop, the design team completed comparative and competitive research, user stories, a journey map, and user interviews as well.

  • Destination workshops and journey mapping
  • A mobile app market plan
  • Market specific information
  • Interactive exhibitor profiles
technology stack
  • React Native
  • Apple iOS and Android
  • Google Tensorflow
  • Dark Sky API
  • Google Maps
  • ElasticSearch
  • Nodejs
experiences delivered
  • Mobile app design
  • iOS & Android app development
  • Platform roadmap

Profile setup

Create your profile and add your contact details. When creating an account, you will also be able to choose a role that best describes your relationship to farming – novice farmer, seasoned farmer, or specialist.

My reports

View and create reports that collect photos and notes from field site visits.

Compile data from a single site photo, single visit, or across multiple visits to a report, for sharing with your agronomist and farm operations team.

Report summary

Add a detailed summary including pictures, descriptions, dates and times of issues. Reports can be shared with individuals or to a larger group, according to your needs.

Report details and location

Locations related to the selected report are shown on the map for context to the field and surroundings, powered by Google Maps. In-field photos are geotagged with map location at time of capture. This facilitates accurate tracking of issues on the map. Farm location and parcel information facilitates sharing of information.

AI-powered yield estimates

Utilizing smart image processing, the app allows for automation of manual yield estimation tasks like corn kernel counting. This enables farmers to spend time on more important tasks, instead of manual assessment.


Farmwave launched in BETA on Wednesday, July 25, 2018, at the AgTech South conference, and is available for download via iOS and Android. Plans for additional Farmwave integrations with Ag-tech partners are in the works for 2019 as well as other features. For more information, visit the Farmwave website.


Hard-working teams made it possible to complete MVP in 3 months.

35,000 SPECIES

Farmwave connected to university databases with over 35K crop & pest species.

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