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Navigating the world of cloud architecture can be a daunting task. From choosing the right cloud services and platforms to optimizing for performance and cost, we’re here to help.

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Cloud platforms we love & use daily

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Our cloud services

For 15+ years our team has been helping partners navigate critical infrastructure and hosting decisions in the cloud.

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Cloud strategy consulting

Like anything else, your hosting infrastructure must have a strategy. Our team can help you strategize, create a plan, and implement – from cloud ROI analysis to security audits and more.

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Cloud migration services

Need help migrating your infrastructure? We’ll help you make the move from on premises, local storage to the right, robust cloud setup.

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Cloud optimization services

Configuring your cloud settings to be optimal for both performance and cost can be difficult. Our team of certified cloud engineers can help you optimize your cloud configurations.

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Edge computing services

When data processing needs to be done closer to the data source or “edge” of the network, we can help. Often utilized real-time analytics and low-latency applications, edge computing implementations can reduce data transfer costs and time by limiting the distance data must travel.

Why choose Digital Scientists as your cloud consultants?

  • Experience & expertise: Experience matters. Our U.S.-based team has over 15 years of experience consulting on cloud infrastructure strategy and providing implementation support.
  • Price conscious & performance minded: Only pay for what you need. From start-up to enterprise SaaS applications, our team can help you find the best intersection of performance and cost.
  • Platform agnostic: Whether you have a requirement (or preference) to use Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or AWS our team is able to guide your organization.

Work with a team that has experience with all the major cloud platforms, with multiple certifications – including as a Google Cloud Partner.


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Custom telehealth provider scales cloud-based application ecosystem

After initial phases to launch and grow a custom telehealth application, CommuniCare Health Services expanded the initial tablet application to a full cloud-based ecosystem.

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