What’s happening at DS?

While the pandemic has forced many businesses to adjust their business models overnight, we’ve been able to make a seamless transition to being fully remote thanks to the tools and processes we’ve set up and fine-tuned over the years.

Introducing our new look

The last time you saw us, our company identity was drastically different. After 13 years in business, we realized that we had outgrown our image. It was time for a big change.

User analytics: understanding the entire experience

One of the great things about working with our team is that they are always inquisitive, and always asking questions.

The vital role of research in product design

User research places people (the end-user) at the center of the design process and your products. It inspires your design and evaluates solutions.

Layers of design in new product development

We are touched by design every day in the products and services we use to solve problems and make our lives easier and in the experiences we enjoy. If these things are designed well, we probably don’t comprehend their simplicity, elegance, or seamlessness.

Recap: Google I/O event 2017

We asked our team to share which technologies they’re most looking forward to working with, and which has the potential to disrupt a particular industry.