Introducing Our New Look


We’ve been pretty busy here at Digital Scientists. The last time you saw us, our company identity was drastically different. After thirteen years in business, we realized that we had outgrown our image; what we were saying and doing weren’t at all how we wanted to be perceived in the market. It was time for a big change.

We realized we had transformed the company on the inside, but had not changed how we were communicating that change on the outside. 

Over the past couple months, we have been working hard on how we properly communicate this growth with a complete, in-house rebrand of Digital Scientists. With a vision of establishing the new science of marketing at the birth of DS in 2007, we have since evolved into a thriving experience innovation lab that drives growth through product research, design and development.

Today, we want to tell our full story with an identity that celebrates our dedication to improving the human experience.

Our new logo celebrates our current identity through clear, defined kerning, strong weight and placement. We wanted to create something that was timeless; a brand that will evolve with the team and will always stay true to the story we intend to tell.

Previously, our identity honored the ‘scientists’ portion of our name and featured a playful beaker that accompanied widely-spaced, lowercase letterforms. It felt a bit dated and informal as it was more suited to where we were when the company was founded as an approachable, digital marketing company.

We updated the Digital Scientists identity to better reflect who we are as a company. We have grown up, and our identity should reflect that confidence and change.
A Collaborative Effort

Our team was in the best position to understand today’s Digital Scientists at its core, so it was important that we built the foundation of this rebrand internally with a company-wide Discovery Workshop.

As a team, we went through a series of exercises that revealed what we value as a company, creating our brand values and the brand story we wish to tell moving forward. We dug deep into what makes us unique and how our brand will benefit our customers in the future.

The Visual Identity

Sparked by the dueling worlds of analog and digital, we took inspiration from pixels and subtraction, white-space and abstract shapes. The look and feel behind the new DS look was driven by playful, simple and modern elements, juxtaposed by structured layout for visual balance. An identity that celebrates our dedication to stay adaptable, curious and driven to improve the human experience.


The goal for the design as a whole was to pair this bold, adaptable identity with elements that would accentuate and add a playful attribute to the look and feel. When the main identity comes to life, portions of those letterforms become subtracted, creating a diverse set of patterns and shapes. The pixel extractions become an essential design element to the DS brand and can be used to form compositions, patterns or stand alone shapes.

Our new color palette was inspired by contrast, light and dark, black and white. The spectrum of color hints at movement and moldability. The new logo hints at our confidence and seriousness after working in this space for 13 years. We support our clients with work that is both strategic and purposeful.

We are a unique collective of researchers, designers, product managers and developers with distinct, yet humble personalities. Along with a growing team, our culture has become one of its own over the past decade and it was important that we captured that through our own photography.

What’s Next for Digital Scientists

The future is exciting for us here at Digital Scientists as we start this new chapter. With this change, we hope it inspires the people we work with to take that risk, to be more bold, to kickstart growth.

“Our identity has changed, but we are still the same team focused on delivering innovation through new experiences – as an experience lab.”
Bob Klein
Chief Executive Officer

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