Rein in value-based costs and focus on higher-risk populations

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ACOs have to overcome these key challenges in the near future to stay competitive & profitable:

  • Successful ACOs prioritize and treat higher-risk patients as a way to control costs.
  • Recent reports by WellSky and others identify an upward trend of patients being at least 6% more acute at discharge compared to 2019 rates, putting profitability and patient care at risk.  
  • Staffing shortages and other resource restrictions continue to limit the effectiveness of ACOs in effectively treating higher-risk patients.

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If you’re a leader delivering value-based care and have been thinking, “There has to be a better way”, you’re probably right. An introductory call with our digital health team to gain momentum and clarity toward a solution.

Here’s what you’ll walk away with:

  • Learn how we’ve helped other ACOs treat more patients with complex needs at a lower cost.
  • Gain clarity around your specific challenge and what options your organization may have as a path forward. 
  • How to leverage technology in addressing ongoing challenges such as nursing shortages, controlling costs, and managing high-risk patients.

One of the nation’s largest post-acute care organizations gain market share through digital innovation


Communicare, one of the nation’s largest post-acute care organizations delivering value-based care, came to us with the goal of managing a population of over 25k lives while being hype focused on remotely monitoring and treating different high-risk patient populations across 120 facilities across 7 states.

They partnered with us to develop a strategic approach to their digital investments. 

What we did

Our goal was to create a powerful yet simple solution to continued care.

The biggest challenge was in serving different types of high-risk and IDD populations through a technology solution. With research & design capabilities we drove high rates of adoption across the populations. That’s where on-site user research, coupled with an understanding of the organization’s business needs came into play.

We ultimately baked in provider workflows, risk assessments, etc to ensure front-line clinicians were efficient and thorough.



Within four months, we were able to launch Communicare’s new mobile application – Never Alone – into the hands of real patient users.

Optimized workflows to treat and prioritize high-risk patients and a UX design that gave way to quick adoption by patients (and staff) quickly made this project a success. To date, Never Alone has treated high-risk patients in over 120 facilities across seven states and has completed over 15,000 successful telehealth calls. 

Focus Areas

+ Digital Health
+ Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)
+ Post-Acute Care / ACOs / Value-Based Care
+ Workflows aligned with Models of Care
+ Telehealth

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