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At Digital Scientists, our team of experts excels in bridging the gap between advisory services and implementing tailored technology solutions that drive operations and enhance patient care.

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We specialize in guiding organizations within value-based care to achieve excellence


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+ Enterprise agile teams

Technology advisory

+ Workshops
+ Design consultation
+ Architecture & data services

Value delivery

+ Risk adjustment
+ MDS Optimization
+ Artificial intelligence

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Ways to get started

Team up with our experienced professionals, here are a few ways to get started:

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Risk Adjustment & Management

Perform an assessment of your current Risk Adjustment profile. We will review risk score accuracy, accuracy of YoY coding, and the top and bottom performers when it comes to risk capture.

Minimum Data Set (MDS) Analysis

We will perform a review of discrepancies in functional, cognitive and psychosocial assessments to determine the accuracy of assessment scores and evaluate the necessary evidence for audit.

Technology Architecture Assessment

Full audit of your current technology ecosystem including identification of cost & complexity that needs addressed.

Meet our experts

Value Based Care

Dennis Joseph

senior director of product management & digital health practice lead,
Value Based Care

Bob Klein

chief executive officer,
Value Based Care

Nick Alexander

chief operating officer,
Value Based Care

Josh Brown

director of engineering,
Value Based Care

Greg Zancewicz

Value Based Care

Jerry Deng

principal engineer,
Value Based Care

Maria De La Vega

director of design,
Value Based Care

Michelle Titolo

product manager,

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