Three ways Journey Mapping enhances customer experience

One of the best tools available for creating a good customer experience (CX) is journey mapping, a key point in our customer experience strategy process.

Improving the digital customer experience lifts ROI of all marketing efforts

A great customer experience has far-reaching benefits that can save you money in unexpected ways. It can reduce advertising costs, streamline sales, and even increase productivity.

Recap: Google I/O event 2017

We asked our team to share which technologies they’re most looking forward to working with, and which has the potential to disrupt a particular industry.

User-driven product roadmaps: The learning never stops

When building an innovative product, you may never be done. It sounds counterintuitive, but companies are not fully in charge of what their products become.

Innovation stack – the key to a fast product launch

When developing a digital product, speed is the priority, product/market fit is the goal. You need to get the product into users’ hands fast so you can begin the learning process and validate your idea.

A guide to finding product market fit

WebVan went bankrupt because they didn’t understand the customer problem they were solving. Consumers care about their needs, their problems, and solutions.

Five questions to ask before you develop an app

Too often, people don’t realize the work, thinking and planning that needs to go into an app. More importantly, they aren’t aware of what can happen if this careful planning doesn’t take place.