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Here’s where companies often go wrong when planning custom software development projects:

  • Fail to make the business case: Without a clear understanding of your development project’s impact on your business, roadmaps become muddled and time is often wasted.
  • Underestimate complexity: Many vendors will tell you a project is “easy” to win the job. But every successful custom software development project needs a proven roadmap to de-risk and gain momentum toward the project’s success.
  • Fail to communicate: Effective communication is the backbone of a successful project delivered on time and within budget, from aligning internal stakeholders to collaborating with development team partners. One misstep on expectation or scope, and the project could crumble.

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Since 2007, our Atlanta-based team of product experts, designers, and developers has helped clients take initiatives from ideation to commercialization in record time.

Here’s what you’ll walk away with:

  • Clarity around the business case of your project – including insight into areas you may have never before considered.
  • A stronger understanding of industry standards around best practices, deliverability, scalability, and more.
  • Roadmap to accelerate your execution while validating the business case along the way.

Revenue streams unlocked with custom healthcare ecosystem

An anesthesiologist turns an idea into reality with the mobile app designed to remotely track multiple patients in the operating room. Custom insights and triggers supported by AI and machine learning gave tailored insights to each patient and maximized ROI by optimizing resources and tailoring treatment for each patient.


  • Create a remote patient monitoring app designed for anesthesiologists to stay updated on patient status without a physical presence in the operating room.
  • This platform had to be a plug & play out of the box. The platform had to bypass extensive EMR integration timelines and costs and yet track all the key patient vitals. Additionally, it had to have deidentified patient data.
  • Finally, the technology had to have the ability to set patient-specific configurations and alert the anesthesiologist when specific patients needed attention.

What we did

  • Robust machine learning, image optimization algorithm that translated on-screen graphs to data that tracked key patient vitals. This eliminated the timeline and costs to integrate with the EMR.
  • Smart configurations on a mobile device allowed anesthesiologists to set patient-specific parameters.
  • Alerts based on patient vitals benchmarked against set configurations allowed anesthesiologists to significantly reduce OR traffic and yet actively manage the right patients at the right time.


  • Advanced machine learning to capture, define, and structure images from patient monitors in the OR, translating patient vitals – with 99.9% accuracy – directly to a caregiver’s handheld mobile device screen.
  • Significant reduction in OR traffic that is often associated with higher rates of surgical site infections.
  • Significant reduction in cost and reduced implementation timelines which led to market-leading pricing and accelerated speed to value.
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