Internet of Stranger Things: Halloween mixer

Stranger Things definitely happened at this year’s Halloween mixer! Did you join us in the Upside Down as we celebrated all things IoT? Special thanks to The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) and Tech Alpharetta for their participation.

The vital role of research in product design

User research places people (the end-user) at the center of the design process and your products. It inspires your design and evaluates solutions.

How is developing an Internet of Things product different?

Internet of Things (IoT) technology has the power to transform even seemingly mundane products into smart devices that enhance people’s lives.

Building a startup mentality at corporate

Innovation teams comprised of employees and internal partners must be enabled to run experiments.

Can you hear me now?

Still in its infancy, voice recognition and operation is prone to limitations. Many of these limitations came into sharp focus during a project we recently completed for a client.

How to use voice technology now

With technology giants like Amazon, Google and Apple investing so much into voice, it seems clear that’s where the future lies.

How can you avoid disruption?

When faced with looming innovative disruption from the likes of Amazon, the only choice is to lead a disruption of your own.