We're a software innovation lab,
Here's what we do

Innovation starts with Digital Scientists

We create partnerships with forward-thinking businesses to create new digital platforms, products and services. Together, with our clients – we hypothesize, experiment and analyze solutions – to define, launch and enhance software products in our lab. We believe in transparency with our clients, and strive for simplicity in the development of all our products.

Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps

iPhone, iPad Applications
Android Applications
Responsive Mobile Apps
Progressive Web Apps

Websites and Digital Platforms

Web Apps and Digital Platforms
Custom Website Solutions
Dashboard & Reporting Apps
Content Management Tools

Websites and Digital Platforms

Mobile Ecommerce Stores
Desktop Ecommerce Stores
Sales Tools and Apps
Digital Currencies & Commerce

Internet of Things and Emerging Platforms
Internet of Things

Beacons and Geofencing
Augmented Reality
Connected Car
Machine Learning

Our Capabilities

From strategy into design, build and launch,
we do it all collaboratively in-house.



We identify opportunities to connect companies and their audiences in the digital landscape.


Our user-centered approach leads to seamless interactions across the digital ecosystem.


We combine proven methods with the latest technological advancements.


We work across a wide range of industries, but our team works optimally on larger projects with a technical need, that have the potential to create long term value for our clients. The duration of our projects run anywhere from a few months to a year or more, and typically run from $50k to over $1 million.

$10 - 20K: Design Sprint

$15 - 25K: Customer Experience Strategy

$25-50K: Product Blueprint

$25 - 50K: Market Research

$75 - 95K: Minimum Viable Product

$125 - 250K: New Product & Platform Development

$10 - 20K: 
Design Sprint

$15 - 25K: 
Customer Experience Strategy

$25 - 50K: 
Product Blueprint

$25 - 50K: 
Market Research

$75 - 95K: 
Minimum Viable Product

$125 - 250K: 
New Product & Platform Development


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