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Ruby on Rails is an open source web application framework that makes web development painless. Yet, it’s powerful enough to handle just about anything. Trusted by Shopify, Github, Basecamp, and Crunchbase, Rails can handle workloads of any size. However it’s easy to set up and build quickly, making it a perfect fit for MVPs and market tests.


Get speed to market with Rails

The popular framework has revolutionized web development. Ruby, the programming language of Rails, was built to be a language loved by developers. Ruby reads like plain English, with code that’s easy to understand, yet it’s also expressive and powerful. Rails uses Ruby to bring web application development to another level. Rails developers are able to build fully functioning web applications in weeks (or even a weekend) where previously it would have taken months or possibly years. This is because Rails embraces convention over configuration and provides sensible defaults for everything, allowing the engineer to focus on building rather than set-up.


  • Language that’s easy to use and easy to learn
  • Optimized for programmer happiness
  • Convention over configuration
  • Huge community, there’s a gem (prebuilt library) for everything 
  • Consistently and frequently updated (new features are always being added)
  • A perfect fit for startups, which need speed and adaptability
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We use Ruby on Rails because it enables us to build and ship digital products quickly. We’ve been using Rails for over 10 years. Rails is a joy to use, but also makes agile web development easy. This allows us to have a short build-and-test iteration cycle; therefore, we can adapt our products to meet the needs of the user. In the end, using Ruby on Rails greatly reduces development costs because everything takes less time, and we are able to get significantly more features complete and shipped.

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