Internet of Stranger Things: Halloween mixer


“Mornings are for coffee and contemplation,” said Jim Hopper, Hawkins Chief of Police in the “Stranger Things” TV series. And we agree with the sentiment, especially the morning after a great Halloween party.

Stranger Things definitely happened at this year’s Halloween mixer!

Did you join us in the Upside Down as we celebrated all things IoT? Special thanks to the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) and Tech Alpharetta for their participation.

In case you missed it, here’s a quick pictorial recap:

Digital Scientists' Stranger Things Halloween Mixer
Digital Scientists' Stranger Things Halloween Mixer 2
Digital Scientists' Stranger Things Halloween Mixer 3
Digital Scientists' Stranger Things Halloween Mixer 4
Digital Scientists' Stranger Things Halloween Mixer 5

While a great time was had by all, we did highlight a few key learnings we’ve discovered from working on IoT products:

IoT development requires you to work with “stranger things” than in traditional software development:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Battery life

There are many things to keep in mind with IoT:

  • Hardware? You may need to work with hardware (and also electrical, engineering, etc) companies for IoT.
  • Wifi may not work outside – how do you stay connected?
  • The overall process can seem foreboding – how do you manage all aspects – development, testing, maintenance, updates, multiple partners

But in the end, after “controlling the stranger things,” it will really just become the internet.

See the entire Internet of Stranger Things presentation.

Interested in IoT?

Our team loves to create cool, connected IoT solutions and we’ve been doing so since 2013 when we built a beacon-based, mobile shopping rewards and loyalty program to help local stores attract and reward their repeat shoppers. We are design led, customer experience focused and we love it when we have the opportunity to connect software to physical devices to create a better user experience…and it’s just cool.

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