What a fun week!

Thanks for coming along with us in celebration of Digital Scientists’ 12th anniversary. We enjoyed taking a look back and each office location marked the occasion differently, but with two common threads…food and fun.

Our teams ate breakfast in Alpharetta, cake in midtown and a late afternoon gelato (fancy!) in Greenville. Even though the celebrations were different, they all revolved around commemorating the work and the people who are driven to create better experiences.

Hmmm, notice a trend? We like to eat as you can tell from these other fun company pics!

Since our start in 2007, we’ve tried to weave the following values into each and every endeavor:

    • We love what we do.
      We’re an integrated team of designers and developers who take the time to listen, ask questions and understand your business.
    • We are committed to your success.
      We’re flexible in our approach and uncompromising about quality.
    • We are makers at heart. 
      We believe that everyone is capable of creativity when it comes to improving the human experience. We love experimenting with new technologies and tools.
    • We care about the people who use our products.
      We listen closely to them to better understand their needs.
    • We are humble in our approach to problem-solving.  
      We understand that a collaborative approach that includes all stakeholders often leads to the best results.

We also like to be transparent and share what we’ve learned.

Here are a few things we’ve picked up over the years:


We’ve learned that shorter feedback cycles are a necessity.

Our clients can see the progress with tools such as RealtimeBoard and stay up-to-date with twice a week progress reports.

Team collaboration at its best!


We like to keep the fidelity of our designs low in the beginning. This offers a chance to really focus on the interactions and concepts without the distraction of how it looks. We are able to gather feedback and make immediate changes in real-time.



We pride ourselves on building useful products and advocate for the research behind customer motives. Fully understanding the customer experience is the goal – “build it and they will come” is not our motto. We use research to discover and validate user behavior, needs and motivations so that when built, the product is purposeful.






From our first app Mission Zero that debuted in the App store in 2009 to all the recent IoT products (like Intent Solutions) that keep us connected, we thank you!  


Here’s to the next 12 years. We hope you’ll join us on this journey.