Minimum Viable Product

Design, build, and test a new product – fast.

Speed matters. Accelerate learning and validate your concept within 12 weeks – with minimal risk.

Every product leader’s fear is to miscalculate demand for their new product. Without testing before scaling, startups potentially can face significant losses, both financial and reputational. Through a standardized MVP process, we can help you minimize that risk and test the viability and adoption of your product before you launch.

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The MVP Process

Using a high-speed design and development process, we challenge assumptions, diagnose problems, and accelerate feedback through a “build-measure-learn” feedback loop. Let us help you validate your digital product or mobile app concept and resolve uncertainty before you scale. Our MVP program follows a standardized process that helps guide your team through a series of steps, enabling us to better understand your business vision, product strategy, the market dynamics, and your customer’s journey.

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The process begins with an onsite or remote discovery workshop, in which we bring together our respective teams to discuss your goals, assumptions, culture, and direction. This baseline experience helps us quickly gain a deep understanding of your objectives and challenges and provides us with use cases that will help inform our direction. From there, we continue to collaborate with your team leaders on a weekly basis as we take you through each phase of the program.

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Program stages

As we move through the program stages, we focus on:

  • Product design
  • User experience definition
  • Solution architecture
  • Defining scope & development stack
  • Post-release support & product roadmap

What is the engagement like?

We scale

We adapt each of our MVP engagements to our client’s specific needs, focusing on speed while adjusting for the complexity, scope, and specific problem you’re trying to solve. But in every engagement, we follow a proven standardized process that enables us to either quickly validate a narrow set of use cases or dig deep with our extensive research capabilities to solve a need or to challenge your assumptions and assertions.

We move fast

Our product experts are trained to help teams align on new product strategies and uncover hidden opportunities – always with a focus on helping you move to market quickly with a viable product at minimal risk. 

Speed matters. We believe it’s critical to accelerate learning and validate your concept fast.

We integrate

Our product, design, and development teams have deep experience working with a broad range of businesses varying in size and complexity, from Fortune 500 companies to mid-sized businesses. Our in-house teams routinely integrate with other technical teams within our client’s organization or a third-party.

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Partners in innovation

Digital Scientists is a leading experience lab that develops digital products and experiences for large and mid-sized companies. We are a unique collective of researchers, designers, and developers of the digital world who pride ourselves in producing exceptional services and experiences with a fast, highly disciplined team. For clients across a variety of industries, we build strong, lasting, collaborative partnerships, sparking a commitment to continuous innovation and progress.

Machine Learning with Google Cloud Partner

Our designers

Our product designers are specifically trained in design thinking, and specialize in:

  • Visual design
  • Industrial design
  • Design research
  • Design strategy 
  • Service design

Our product managers

Our PMs are Certified Product Owners (CPO) from the Scrum Alliance®, with backgrounds in diverse industries and decades of combined experience leading software development teams to deliver strategic value.

Our developers

DS developers are Google Cloud Certified and have deep technical capabilities in:

  • Web, Android & iOS development
  • AI & Machine learning
  • Ruby on Rails / PHP Development

We ask the right questions

Our seasoned senior-level team of designers and developers continually ask critical questions to challenge assumptions and push product outcomes toward excellence.

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