Our Work

Mailchimp’s Innovation + Technology Partner

Our work providing innovation research & product development services for Mailchimp over the years has helped their product leaders make strong business cases for creating new customer experiences.

Pop-Up Shop

Mailchimp came to us with a unique problem: figure out how to sell a product super quickly without building an actual store. Using Mailchimp’s API & Campaign Archive, could we sell a product exclusively through email?

Direct Mail

Bringing back the power of Snail Mail. With a complex printing integration, could we give Mailchimp customers the ability to create and send physical postcards?

Landing Pages

The versatility of a web page with the simplicity of email creation. How can we empower marketers to extend their marketing efforts to the web while using the familiar experience of creating an email?

Our on-going relationship with Digital Scientists is critical to my efforts at Mailchimp –

exploring new experiences and technologies for our customers. Their team’s maturity and ability to deliver while thinking deeply about complex problems helps us gain valuable perspective of what’s possible.

As a product leader, having thoughtful research and tangible prototypes helps me lead better strategic conversations that drive real product decisions.”

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