React Native mobile app development – Lessons learned
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Within the mobile app development community, React Native offers the best of both worlds – the convenience and fast-paced nature of developing for the web and a truly native mobile app experience for the end users.

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GoodFirms applauds Digital Scientists as top mobile development company

Digital Scientists gets recognized for its efforts in mobile app development services by GoodFirms for providing functional yet user-friendly app designs.

Celebrating 12 years of improving the human experience

Thanks for coming along with us in celebration of Digital Scientists’ 12th anniversary. We enjoyed taking a look back since 2007, from Mission Zero that debuted in the App store in 2009 to all the recent IoT products and mobile apps that keep us connected, we thank you!

User analytics: understanding the entire experience

One of the great things about working with our team is that they are always inquisitive, and always asking questions.

Digital Scientists achieves Global Leader Award

We are proud to announce that Digital Scientists was just named to the Clutch 1000, a list of the top thousand B2B service firm on their platform.

Master class: collaboration and partnerships with outside teams

Bob Klein, CEO & founder of Digital Scientists, explains how best to partner with outside teams and why they can become a vital part of your product development team.

Digital Scientists CEO shares insights for new research about consumer IoT adoption.

Connected functionality is going to be built into everything. It may be more of an issue of ‘How do I turn it off?’ Digital Scientists CEO shares insights for new research about consumer IoT adoption.

The vital role of research in product design

User research places people (the end-user) at the center of the design process and your products. It inspires your design and evaluates solutions.

How is developing an Internet of Things product different?

Internet of Things (IoT) technology has the power to transform even seemingly mundane products into smart devices that enhance people’s lives.

Building a startup mentality at corporate

Innovation teams comprised of employees and internal partners must be enabled to run experiments.

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