Custom Software Company Launches First Branch Outside Atlanta Area

After years of successfully leveraging technological innovation for the benefit of our greater Atlanta area clientele, we are pleased to announce that we have officially opened the doors of our first office in the Carolinas. The new office in Greenville, South Carolina marks the third outpost of our custom software firm, and we are excited to bring our skills in custom app development and web design to the greater Carolina market.

Branching Out of Atlanta

Physically managed from our Alpharetta and Atlanta offices for the past decade, Digital Scientists has a long history of working with well-known companies all over the Southeast and beyond. Our recent work for Hubbell Power Systems, a preeminent manufacturer of utility industry products in the Carolinas, allowed us to put our skills on display for the local area. “Hubbell needed a single way for users to see all 200,000 plus products,” explains our CEO Bob Klein. “Our team designed an application called HPS Select that allows users to search and save items on a broad scale. It’s been really popular with engineers because of its ease-of-use.”

The NEXT Innovation Center

The new Digital Scientists office will be operating out of Greenville’s NEXT Innovation Center, a hub for new product development firms and software development companies. Located on the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Downtown Greenville, NEXT Innovation Center offers an innovative, collaborative facility specifically designed to accelerate the growth of local startups and entrepreneurial businesses.

Of the new decision to bring our newest office to the NEXT Innovation Center, our CEO Bob Klein said, “NEXT is just a natural fit for Digital Scientists, because it’s really a hotbed for fast-growing, tech-forward companies. We find a lot of inspiration there, but it’s also just a really great facility to work in.”

Greenville and Beyond

Long-term, we hope this move to Greenville will better serve clients in South Carolina and beyond. “Our work is inherently personal, so we really believe in the power of the face-to-face meeting,” says Klein. “This office is just going to make it simpler and easier for us to do that with our clients in the Carolinas.”

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