Digital Scientists Tom Klein attends 2009 Apple WWDC


Digital Scientists Chris Burnett and Tom Klein attend 2009 Apple WWDC

Well, thanks to the success that we’ve enjoyed with our Mission Zero iPhone App (over 100K people have downloaded it so far), we decided that it was high time for us to join our fellow iPhone developers at what could be called the annual Apple Developer Woodstock.

It’s the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference. Heck, why don’t they just call it the Apple InterGalactic Developer Conference? It’s all the same to us. This is Apple’s annual conference that features the by now so familiar announcement on day one of the upgrade to the “it device” of the past few years – the iPhone.

Also, this is the event where Apple developers come from far and wide to geek out on what’s new and cool and now possible on the iPhone or just on Macs in general.

I’m going along for the ride to see what I can learn about the latest capabilities, design requirements, and generally how people are using the iPhone as a platform to grow businesses.  I’ll do my best over the next 5 days or so to give you some insight into what happens, how things happen, and what I learn that might be of interest.

Also, one more thing. Because I’m also the marketing guy and this developer conference is really an extension of Apple’s marketing and distribution strategy for the iPhone, I’ll be commenting on all sorts of stuff, both here and on twitter @tomklein.  And, of course, I’ll do my best to add photos, cool stuff.

Digital Scientists Tom Klein attends 2009 Apple WWDC

For example – check out this picture of my badge for the week. If you lose it, they extinguish your life force and send you home in a recycled paper bag.

One thing I should warn you, I won’t be able to provide you much in the way of technical details because the entire event is sort of on NDA lockdown. We’re going to get access to the really good stuff- but we’re not really able to say much about it. That’s why I’ll focus on the marketing angle of everything. Apple really puts so much thought into everything that I think there are lessons for just about everyone.

And one last thing, be sure to check out the keynote, streamed live from all sorts of places, such as:

Phil Schiller keynote live from WWDC 2009 – Engadget

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