Behold our awesome registered trademark

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After many months, it’s official – “digital scientists” is now a registered trademark with the United States government.

What does this mean?  For starters, you can’t bite our style.   It also means we are part of the fancy superscript club and can sport the little ® after our name, like so:

digital scientists®

Behold our awesome registered trademark

We also get this very official-looking document with gold foil seal. Behold:

Behold our awesome registered trademark

We would like to take this time to point out a very disturbing trademarking trend.

Yes, I’m talking about the scamming practices of the Slovak Republic.

If you file a trademark application, you could receive a misleading letter like we did, charging you an “International Service and Trademark” listing fee.  This is totally fake (napodobnený in Slovak), and should be tossed…scratch that, recycled immediately.

Behold our awesome registered trademark

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