May 13, 2014

An Update on the Fifth Anniversary of Our Alpharetta Office

Our Alpharetta Office

Today is the five-year anniversary of the opening of our Alpharetta office at 21 S. Main Street.

We have gone through a lot of changes in the past five years - and so has Alpharetta.

Our neighborhood has grown to include many new eateries and stores (such as Hop Alley Brew Pub, Da Vinci’s Donuts, Salt Factory and Mugs on Milton), and we will soon have even more - like South Main Kitchen (our mouths are watering in anticipation).  

Alpharetta is building a new City Hall and town center...

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March 20, 2014

Updates on our 7th Anniversary

On the seventh anniversary of Digital Scientists, I wanted to share some of our company news with you.
Digital Scientists Contextual Solution

We’re launching a Contextual Marketing Engine for delivering an individualized, location-specific, mobile retail experience. And selling stuff, of course.

We’ve been working on location-based applications for over three years now, starting with our work on Gables Residential and Lamar’s RoadNinja. Over the past year, we’ve continued our work in location-focused search – and have decided to bring together our learning and apply the latest messaging tools to create something new. 


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January 13, 2014

The Best Market Just Got Better

New AmericasMart App Now Available on iOS and Android



Where do buyers from the best retailers find products to sell in-store and online? AmericasMart - one of the world's largest permanent wholesale trade centers, with over 7 million square feet of space.

AmericasMart approached Digital Scientists to transform its buyer experience in conjunction with the launch of high speed wifi throughout their campus.

The answer came in the form of a transformed digital buyer experience - from desktop to on-campus to mobile devices.


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Time to Get Personal

Create Personalized Email with our Activity Tracker Rails Gem and Mandrill from Mailchimp

What’s so hard about personalized email?

Behavior driven personalization of email (and just about anything else, like in-app notifications or text messages) isn’t easy for most applications today. In most cases, the  activity related data is locked away in an analytics application, while the actual content is located in a content management system or content repository. Marketers or  Developers looking to send email based on user behavior on sites or in apps face...

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January 14, 2013

Looking for Ads in All the Wrong Places

Mobile Ads Don’t Go On the Phone - They Go Everywhere Else

We are all in love . . . with our phones. And where our love and attention goes, advertising usually follows. 

Though, strangely, display advertising on our beloved phones just doesn’t seem to be taking off. 

I don’t think it will.  Not to the same extent that text and display ads have seeped into every nook of desktop-based media. 

There’s one simple reason. Not enough room. 

Jonathan Baskin coined a particularly compelling phrase to...

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October 5, 2012

Best Corporate Website of the Year!

Digital Scientists Site for Gables Residential Lauded As Best Corporate Website of the Year From the National Association of Home Builders


We're delighted to announce that we've been recognized in the National Association of Home Builders' Annual Pillars of the Industry Awards for our work with our client Gables Residential on Here's the video! (click on the 4th one) and of course you can also check out the press release from Gables

Anyone reading this blog post probably knows that there are a lot of players involved - and of course we couldn't have asked for better client partners than the team at...

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August 14, 2012

Sales - There's an App For That

Your smartest MARKETING investment may be an iPad sales or service app

Ready to kill zombie marketing investments in selling materials? 

It just so happens, we’re in the middle of the budgeting season for many companies. It’s the time of year where heads of departments, CIO’s, CMO’s, and CRO’s (Chief Revenue Officers) put together their plans for how and where they are going to invest company resources to drive growth and profits. 

The overwhelming tendency is to pick up the plan from last year and tinker.  2013...

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July 16, 2012

Closing the Deal Electronically

Digital Scientists Launches Responsive Designed HTML 5 iPad Tablet App To Power Sales and Productivity for Gables Residential

Gables manages approximately 38,000 luxury apartment homes across the United States. When you manage so many properties, that turns into a lot of apartment tours performed by leasing associates. 
Digital Scientists worked with Gables to:
1. Rethink the existing selling process in light of the capabilities of the iPad
2. Design a new experience for both the sales person and the customer, including powering a new touch-screen kiosk to inform prospects when they arrive on site 

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April 19, 2012

All Media Are Social

Tom Klein To Speak at Atlanta Marketing & Social Media Event By Emerge Magazine

We're proud to be panelists at the upcoming Emerge Magazine event:
Succeeding in Business: Leading Entrepreneurial Businesses Share Best Practices for Success
In addition to giving insights on on the topics of Marketing and Social Media, our CEO and Co-Founder Tom Klein will ...
Topics covered will include:
* Capital + Finance / Sales & Marketing
* Customer Service / Social Media
* Work & Life Balance / Human Resources

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March 15, 2012

All You Can Eat of Customer Engagement Strategy

Learn About Customer Engagement Strategy at

I've started a blog at for me to write exclusively on the subject of Customer Engagement Strategy. Just in case you were wondering, was taken, so don't start calling me Thomas or think that I've gone highbrow or something. 

So, what's this new blog about? 

Customer Engagement Strategy is the fundamental rethinking and redesign of core customer processes - applying new technologies to achieve dramatic improvements in critical customer...

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