We’re Digital Scientists

We’re scientists with a heart for the user. We believe in the scientific method – Together with our clients we hypothesizeexperiment
and analyze to define, launch and enhance software products in our lab. We believe in transparency with our clients, and in striving for simplicity for our users.

We use the newest technologies

We leverage the latest frameworks and tools in building cutting edge products. Our focus is on taking advantage of these new tools to help us build products for all kinds of devices: mobile, IoT, digital display, television, etc.

We build things fast

Time to value is important, so we believe in getting products in the hands of users as quickly as possible. We leverage open-source tools and components to help accelerate our efforts to bring new products to market.

We’re an integrated team

Designers and developers work side by side at Digital Scientists. We believe in working together and collaborating with our clients. Creative tension and energy drive continuous improvement. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Bob Klein

Chief Executive Officer

Bob Klein has spent his career driving innovation and change at companies like DHL, Caterpillar Overseas and Siemens. He has degrees from the George Washington University and the University of Florida. He is currently Chairman of the Technology Association of Georgia’s (TAG) Mobility Society and a board member for Tech Alpharetta.

Fadi Eliya

Vice President, Engineering

Fadi has been working in software engineering and development for nearly 12 years. He loves AngularJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, and Elastic Search (and just about any new technologies to support the creation of mobile / web applications). In addition to his web development work, Fadi has instituted and analyzed social media metrics to improve user experience and visitor trending. He graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from Clemson University. Fadi loves Ultimate Frisbee.

Rob Hall

Senior Director of Product Management

Rob leads the product management and QA efforts at Digital Scientists. Rob has worn many hats over the years, and is accomplished as a digital media consultant, web designer & developer, and business leader. Rob has spent over a decade leading major initiatives with major brands such as Autotrader.com, Kelley Blue Book, Manheim, Premiere Global, Rheem, and many others. Rob studied music education and film production at Georgia State University and spent over 7 years teaching percussion at area high schools. In his spare time, Rob can be found enjoying time with his wife and four boys, floating in a kayak, hiking, or reading a good book.

Maria De La Vega

Director of Service Design

Maria completed her Master of Fine Arts in Service Design at SCAD in Savannah. With an undergraduate degree in graphic design, she has previous experience working at a Digital Media Agency in Bogota, Colombia. Maria brings a unique mix of Project Management and UX Design experience to our team. Her interests include design thinking and innovation.

Michelle Kim


Michelle Kim focuses on front end development working in SCSS, CoffeeScript and Jade. Closely collaborating with the design and development teams, she takes pride in creating high quality code while achieving pixel purrfection. She is a graduate of the University of Georgia where she earned her A.B.J. in Advertising. Michelle is a cat lover, and when she is feline up to it, she likes to make bad puns.

Jay Cosgrove

Digital Product Manager

Jay has a passion for MVP product development and a strong background of supporting a wide range of digital initiatives. In his career as a PM he’s filled the gap, plugged holes, and unblocked his team wearing whatever hat was needed - SQA, UX designer, business analyst, etc. He’s led engagements with large brands such as HomeAway, Aetna, and Dell. With an undergraduate degree in Business Economics from SUNY Oneonta, he has a love for the numbers and predicting outcomes of his projects. Outside the office, you can find him working in his garage-woodshop or writing music.

Kelley Medica


Kelley is a front end developer who appreciates beautiful web and mobile applications that are also simple and practical. After graduating from The University of Iowa with a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication she made her way down south to work in marketing for a couple companies, including Pinnacle Promotions and AirWatch, before following her passion for web development. When she's not developing, you can find her in the mountains scaling rock walls or chasing her overly social Goldendoodle around the park.

Jerry Deng


Jerry is a software enthusiast. He has been working in software engineering and development for 9 years. Jerry enjoys coding any modern scripting languages such as Ruby and JavaScript. He is proficient in Node.js, MongoDB, Java, SQL, HTML5, and many other tools that help with the creation of apps...and is fascinated by Artificial Intelligence. He is a Computer Science graduate of Wayne State University and recently relocated from Michigan. When he's not working, you'll find him catching a good movie, hiking, hanging out with friends, working out, or learning something new.

Adam Girardot

Product Designer

Adam is part of our design team and holds a BS in Industrial Design from Georgia Tech. His digital work is heavily influenced by the physical design, and his visuals often employ bold, yet restrained and purposeful uses of color. Over the past few years, he has sharpened his skills in visual and UX design. In his spare time, Adam also enjoys working in photography and painting.

Blake Massullo

Digital Product Manager

Blake has experience working in both large agencies and small start ups, striving to meld the structure and flexibility from each respective world. As a Product Manager, Blake has utilized agile and waterfall development practices to successfully collaborate with creative, UX, technology development, account and QA teams through the project life cycle. Delivering internal and external value is of vital importance to her. With an education from Emory University based in psychology and art, she naturally focuses on incorporating human elements to the products she develops and teams she manages. Outside of work hours, Blake starts or ends her days with hot yoga.

Adam Kimbrel


Adam Kimbrel is a full-stack developer who enjoys attacking complex coding challenges with simple and practical solutions. Adam has made critical contributions to large projects for many major brands including Autotrader, ACT, Rheem, and the National Guard. He fills his free time with hiking, gaming, and landscape photography.

Josh Brown

Senior Developer

Josh is a full stack developer with over 13 years experience. He has worked on high volume sites for Autotrader.com, R.E.M. and Green Day. He values pragmatic approaches to problems and his coding motto is 'leave it better than you found it.' He holds BS in Mathematics and a Master's in Computer Science from the University of Georgia. An ordained minister with the St. Thomas Church, Josh occasionally moonlights as a counselor. His interests include mysticism, qigong and alt science.

Gem Qiao

Product Designer

Gem brings together her abilities as both a visual and usability designer to create products that people care about. She aspires to use design to change people’s perspectives and inform positive behaviors, while making the world incrementally better and easier to live in. She has consulting experience with Delta and Georgia Power, collaborating projects with Coca- Cola, among other esteemed brands. Gem is a MA graduate of the SCAD Advertising program, and holds an undergraduate degree in Industrial Design. When not designing, Gem is living richly through travel, photography, cooking and kickboxing, while almost always a slave to her cats.

Marian Fraley

Human Resources Manager

Marian graduated from the University of Georgia with a BBA in Industrial Relations and has over 30 years experience as a Human Resources executive in several industries. Prior to her position with Digital Scientists, she was the HR Director for CryoLife, an innovative biotech company. She ensures both day-to-day and strategic HR solutions that support our business objectives. Marian also handles our employment policies & procedures, employee benefits, and recruitment of our talented staff. She loves aligning candidates’ talents to the most appropriate roles, and career path that matches their passions.

Matt Ward

Product Designer

Matt is a designer with a passion for complex problems and tacos. With experience from TTI, he’s worked on a variety of digital products ranging from power tools to smart home for The Home Depot. He holds an AS in Business Administration from GPC and a BS in Industrial Design from Georgia Tech. Outside of work, he enjoys playing games and videography.

Jake Hendley

Senior Developer

Jake is a developer focusing on Ruby, NodeJS, and React. Before pursuing his passion for web development, Jake was a mountain climber and professional guide for mountain ranges in California, Utah and Wyoming. He is a graduate of The Iron Yard Greenville, and before joining Digital Scientists, was CTO/lead developer at Arkiver. When he's not building apps, Jake can be found rock climbing, camping, and enjoying the general outdoors.

Kelly Gedvilas

Product Designer

Kelly is a product designer focused on creating tailored user experiences. With a background of Fine Art from Florida Atlantic University, a BS in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and UX/UI training from Ironhack Miami, Kelly aims to tackle big design challenges. Her work in creating noteworthy web experiences has been published in Web Designer Magazine and awarded through Awwwards and CSS Design Awards. When she’s not behind a computer you can find her going out for a run or on an adventure, seeking out her next bit of inspiration.

Charu Pardasani

Product Designer

As a Strategic Product Designer, Charu focuses on conducting user research, building, and testing prototypes, and guides design strategy for projects at Digital Scientists. From Surat to Pune, Hyderabad to Mumbai, Savannah to Atlanta - her shift has been drastic but thrilling. Her travel has greatly influenced her design practice.
Before joining Digital Scientists, she graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Design Management. Prior to that, she was working at Deloitte Digital as a UX Design Consultant. She has an undergraduate degree from Symbiosis International University in UX Design.
When she is not in front of her laptop or sticky notes, she is usually found collecting things - from words to pictures, quotations to pins, books to bags.
Portrait of Suzanne Kaufman

Suzanne Kaufman

Accounting / Office Manager

Suzanne handles the accounting function for Digital Scientists. She is a graduate of Emory University. Through the years she has worked primarily with growing entrepreneurial companies in a variety of industries including event planning, real estate development, non-profits and others. In her spare time, Suzanne enjoys playing tennis, hiking, biking and kayaking.


Chief Barkitect

Educated by the finest at Brown University, Cookie got her degree in Pupular Culture. However, seeking an outlet from her suburban life, she embarked on a journey around the world for enlightenment. She joined a traveling circus troupe, saved a village from a volcanic eruption, and even had a short stint with a vigilante group of pirates. Pawsitively satisfied by her travels, she eventually settled with a job in our humble office.

At the office, Cookie plays gatekeeper. She won’t let anyone come in much further without a jump and a kiss – so be prepared! Her favorite pastimes are playing with her brother Spencer, sunbathing, hunting for acorns (yup, you read that right), and making sure that the floor stays soft.

We call Atlanta, Alpharetta and Greenville home

While our main office is located in downtown Alpharetta, we are happy to call Atlanta and Greenville, SC home too. Our work is personal, so we invite clients to our offices, or we’ll go to you. And we’ll bring snacks!

Our Offices

Our main office is located in the heart of downtown Alpharetta (across the street from City Hall) in a building dated from 1910. Our midtown Atlanta office is located in the historic Biltmore hotel that is now office and event space. And our South Carolina office is located in Greenville’s central business district community.

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