We’re experienced frontend and backend developers, UX designers, technologists, and digital strategists. We’re ready to discuss your app concept and current solution architecture with you – to build your solution on the technologies right for you. Even when your desired solution doesn’t exist yet, there’s a good chance that we can solve it with you, just ask us.

  • iOS & Android development
  • mobile applications
  • ecommerce stores
  • internet of things


logos of HTML5 and CSS3


Our experienced frontend team has built numerous responsive solutions that work on all screen sizes – from mobile and tablet – to desktop, and interactive kiosk displays. We’re into the latest solutions on the web, too.

logo of apple iOS Xcode swift

Apple iOS, Xcode, and Swift

We’ve been building critically-acclaimed apps on the iOS platform since it was publicly launched in 2008. Access more features and create snappy experiences with a native iOS app.


We’re also experienced with the native Android platform. We recognize that creating great products with direct access to hardware often requires a native build.


logo of ionic

Ionic Framework

Ionic gives multi-platform development flexibility, with a broad range of popular application components that expedite application design and development.

angular js


The AngularJS framework helps simplify the development and testing of hybrid applications.

elastic search


Search applications using Elasticsearch are lightning fast, and enable new approaches and uses for data that were previously too resource or time-intensive.

Apache Cordova

Cordova gives multi-platform development flexibility by enabling the creation and distribution of container applications instead of native application builds for iOS & Android platforms.

logo of react native

React Native

React Native allows developers to build fully native apps for iOS and Android while sharing a common codebase. React Native core OS animation libraries help developers provide more polished user experiences.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails MVC framework provides default structures for a database, a web service, and web pages. Additionally, using RailsAdmin, it lets us quickly create thin interfaces for administering data with ease.

node js


NodeJS provides non blocking features that let us create high performance applications. Additionally, using NodeJS, it lets us use Javascript to author serverside and clientside application code, simplifying the toolkit.


Agile Development
We’re proponents of iterative strategy, design, and development cycles. It consistently yields insights and results that would be unattainable otherwise. So whether you call it Agile, Lean, Scrum, or Kanban – we’re on the same page.

Setup iOS and Android applications for testing across your teams with HockeyApp. We’ve used TestFlight before too.

Sketch and InVision
A prototype tells volumes: We wireframe and mock designs, then bring them into InVision or your app prototype to test quickly. It helps us understand the features, use cases, and potential roadblocks faster.,


We’ve listed only a few technologies and services here: Don’t see your favorite open-source technology / stack?
There’s a good chance we’ve built with it too. Just ask us.

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