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Product Design + Development

Launch a new product or service by leveraging a fast, disciplined product design & development team that uses modern, scalable technology.

The product teams at Digital Scientists are highly skilled, with years of experience and expertise designing and building digital products. We have the capability and capacity to complement your own team, giving you forward momentum and opportunities for growth.

Bringing it full circle.

As the culmination of our Innovation Program, our Product Design & Development engagement is where we bring to fruition the vision, direction, opportunities, and ideas we’ve previously identified through our Discovery Workshops and Innovation Research efforts.

We design, build, test, launch, measure, and iterate.

Product Design + Development Capabilities:

  • UX / UI / Interaction design
  • Service design
  • Performance analytics + Measurement
  • Documentation
  • Maintenance + Support

Technical Software Development Capabilities:

  • Full stack development
  • Google Cloud + AWS infrastructure planning + Management
  • API development + Integration
  • Modern frameworks – React.js, React Native, Ruby on Rails, Laravel PHP, Vue.js
  • AI, Machine learning
From product launch to platform growth
Product Design + Development
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Take your product vision to market.

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