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Gain Team Alignment

Discovery Workshops + Design Sprints

Discovery Workshops & Design Sprints from Digital Scientists help organizations who need to overcome misalignment by establishing a shared vision and creating forward momentum.

We begin every engagement with discovery workshops to understand each other’s goals, assumptions, challenges, pain points, culture, and direction. They help us put everything on the table so we can get to know each other and build a lasting partnership.

Workshop Capabilities

  • Design Sprints
  • Lightning Decision Jams
  • Vision alignment
  • Discovery sessions
  • Ideation workshops
  • Training (methodologies we use + foundational training sessions)

Discovery Workshops

Our discovery workshops give our teams a solid foundation to build upon, helping get everyone on the same page, establish a shared vision, and define scope. Each workshop is crafted specifically for your team’s needs.

What is a Design Sprint?

From Google Ventures, Design Sprints is an intensive five-day process that aligns your team around big challenges to create a new product or improve existing ones. This hands-on experience ends with the testing and validation of your concept with real users.

A shared team vision and a single, validated concept
Design Sprint Product Design + Development
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