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React Native: Rapid App Development for iOS and Android

Delivering Native Mobile Apps in Under 90 Days

Vibrant Animation Helps Make Great User Experiences

React Native offers a big performance gain that isn’t always obvious to the user, but is most noticeable in the form of user interfaces that come alive with smooth animations. React Native enables mobile app developers the ability to create user experiences that are far more immersive and enjoyable to use than those possible with only web-based technologies.

Because of React Native’s rendering capabilities, our User Experience design team is able to easily craft interfaces and interactions that would have previously been time or cost-prohibitive to implement.

A Growing Developer Community

With the support of major contributors like Facebook and Microsoft, the React Native community is growing rapidly. Developers are contributing custom components and plug-ins to the React Native framework at a tremendous pace, constantly extending the framework’s capabilities. ReactJS and native components come together to create React Native apps, which are faster build and offer high quality user experiences.

Why Digital Scientists?

Our Atlanta-based app strategists, designers and cross-platform developers work as an integrated team using a lab-tested approach to meet and exceed your expectations while delivering products on time & on budget.


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