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We’re experts at using the Ionic Framework to create rich and robust hybrid apps. This front-end UI mobile app development framework is ideal for software projects where time-to-value is critical, such as startup products or mid-market and larger firms that need low code complexity and ease of maintenance. Ionic is also a good fit for single-page hybrid app development projects with mostly standard elements like cards, text, image, content and forms with some interactivity.

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Mobile banking app and customer portal

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Mobile ticketing platform

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Shipping Consolidation Mobile App

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AdvancED eProve

School Improvement Platform

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Turnkey Solution
When combined with AngularJS and Apache Cordova, Ionic becomes part of a turnkey mobile app development solution that delivers significant benefits, such as:

  • Fewer developers needed to support multiple platforms
  • Faster time to market for apps and new features
  • Reduced development costs
  • Better interactivity compared to responsive websites

Built for Speed

The overall performance, flexibility and speed of the framework allow us to iterate and get apps into production much faster.

How fast? Using Ionic, we’ve been able to deliver hybrid apps in under 75 days across multiple platforms – desktop, mobile web, Android and iOS. And our front-end team knows Ionic so well that we can teach your team to use it as well.

Develop once, deploy everywhere
With Ionic, we don’t have to worry about creating the UI/UX for each platform. This means we can write and test iOS and Android apps once using a single codebase. As a result, we can spend more time on creating more complex app components requiring native functionality like barcode scanning, camera, beacon APIs and granular location for Android and iOS.

Ionic tips to keep in mind:
Typically, Ionic Framework is intended for the rapid development of modular applications. It’s not as well suited for building performance-intensive software products like games, video and audio, or for target markets with a preponderance of older devices. Also, its support for browsers like Internet Explorer 8 can be problematic.

Why Digital Scientists?

We have years of Ionic experience under our belts. As the first Ionic Trusted Partner in the State of Georgia, we have a proven track record of using the framework to achieve results for our clients. Our Atlanta-based team brings strategy, design and development together to deliver new products.


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