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Faster Mobile App Development Using Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch provides a built-in JSON API to allow for quick access to data from existing infrastructure in cases where existing APIs are not available. This enables our team to focus on creating an outstanding user experience, rather than on developing back-end APIs. As a result, we’re able to deliver projects faster and more cost-effectively.

How much faster? Using Elasticsearch along with other technologies, we’ve delivered apps in under 75 days across multiple platforms (desktop, web, mobile web, and native iOS and Android).

Check out these case examples of projects we’ve delivered using Elasticsearch:
AdvancED eProveGoFanHubbell.

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Impressive Search Engine Performance
This powerful, open-source search engine technology combines a distributed, multitenant-capable, full-text search engine with a HTTP web interface and a powerful JSON API. By storing data in an inverted index, it facilitates speedy data retrieval and powers lightning fast response times.

Elasticsearch enables us to build apps that:

  • Deliver near real-time search of all types of documents
  • Index millions of pages almost instantaneously for nimble searching
  • Provide intuitive auto-fill and suggested search terms as the user types
  • Handle offline cases using built-in document versioning
  • Prioritize results by specifying weights to indexed data
  • Support multi-latency
  • Power full text-faceted searches
  • Automatically scale to thousands of servers and millions of users

Why Digital Scientists?

Our Atlanta-based team has been building cross-device apps using Elasticsearch since 2012. We know Cordova so well that we can teach your team to use it, too. It’s just one of many technologies in our development toolbox, which includes AngularJS, Elasticsearch, Ionic, and many others.


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