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Faster Mobile App Development Using Apache Cordova

If you need to build a cross-device mobile app with Apache Cordova, you’ve come to the right place: Digital Scientists.

We’re experts at using open-source mobile application development frameworks like Apache Cordova to deliver your mobile apps and products faster and more cost-effectively than you ever thought possible. In fact, using our proven development process with Cordova, along with the mobile application framework, Ionic, we’ve created hybrid apps for our clients in just 75 days.

Check out these case examples of projects we’ve delivered using Apache Cordova:
AdvancED eProveGoFanMyUS.

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Turnkey Solution: Apache Cordova, AngularJS & Ionic
Together, Apache Cordova, AngularJS and Ionic Framework provide a turnkey solution that delivers significant benefits, including:

  • Fewer developers needed to support multiple platforms
  • Faster time to market for apps and new features
  • Reduced development costs
  • Better interactivity compared to responsive websites

Build Once, Deploy Everywhere
Using Cordova’s standard APIs, we’re able to leverage the same code base to power mobile apps using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript – instead of relying on platform-specific APIs for Android, iOS or Windows devices. We can also repurpose the app to run on the mobile web as well.

With Cordova, we don’t have to worry about writing native APIs that allow JavaScript access to device-specific hardware for Android, iOS or Windows Phone. Our team uses Cordova plugins to produce the code mapping its standard APIs to specific functionality on each device, such as camera tools or compass.

Runs Locally
The biggest difference between a Cordova app and pure Web app: Everything runs on the device, so it’s not necessary to connect to a Web server. That means users can work offline or you can use a simple set of service APIs to connect to a cloud app, reducing bandwidth requirements and service latency. As a result, users don’t have to wait for content to download and render to use the app.

Cordova tips to keep in mind:
Typically, Apache Cordova isn’t a good fit for software products like performance-intensive games, video or audio because its HTML and JavaScript isn’t as fast as a truly native app. However, the mobile app framework is a quick and easy way to deliver an app for enterprise apps where time-to-value is critical.

Why Digital Scientists?

Our Atlanta-based team has been building cross-device apps using Apache Cordova since 2012. We know Cordova so well that we can teach your team to use it, too. It’s just one of many technologies in our development toolbox, which includes AngularJS, Elasticsearch, Ionic, and many others.


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