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AngularJS has become the JavaScript front-end web application framework of choice for building dynamic, single-page applications that provide a sleek user experience across multiple platforms (web, mobile web, native iOS, Android, HTML5, tablet, e-commerce, and Internet of Things). However, its complexity can make the learning curve steep for those relatively new to Angular.

At Digital Scientists, we’ve been using AngularJS since 2012. We’ve used it to build browser-based apps that behave like native apps in as little as 75 days. And we know Angular so well that we can even teach your team to use it.

Check out these examples of AngularJS projects we’ve done: GoFanAmericasMart, and AdvancED eProve.

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Our integrated team of strategists, designers and developers are skilled at using the latest technologies to deliver slick, high-performance apps for our clients. Whether you need to build a robust single-page app, a cross-device app or an interactive HTML5 web app, we can help you transform your vision into a reality.


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