Exceeding Expectations: Progressive Web App Development

Mobile applications own the market: According to recent data, these apps account for more than half of all digital media usage.

But in an app-saturated digital environment, consumer expectations are changing. Already frustrated with mobile sites that don’t work like apps, customers are no longer willing to navigate app stores and fill their devices with software just to purchase a product or service.

What’s more, over 50 percent of users are no longer downloading even one application per month, meaning it’s no longer enough for companies to develop and release a mobile application — even if it’s better than average.

The solution? Progressive web apps.

PWA 101

What exactly is a progressive web app (PWA)? Alex Russell, who first introduced the concept of PWAs, puts it simply: “(They’re) just websites that took all the right vitamins.”

Progressive Web Apps are user experiences that have the reach of the web. Specifically, they’re web-based applications that combine the advantages of mobile native apps (such as high performance and reliability) with those of traditional web apps (such as real-time delivery). Achieving this goal depends on “Service Workers” — background “scripts” that manage network requests, cache resources, and manage APIs.

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Why Choose Progressive Web Apps?

PWAs offer several key benefits compared to mobile-native and traditional web apps, including:

  • No downloads — Users on your site don’t need to navigate to an app store; a single tap installs progressive apps on home screens almost instantly.
  • Granular control — Service Workers let you control exactly what loads when users open your application, in turn reducing resource use and improving performance.
  • Easy updating — When online, progressive web apps are updated automatically. This happens outside the device, therefore users don’t have to give up limited device storage for large fixes or patches.
  • App-first experience — Even mobile-friendly websites are cumbersome to navigate on phones and tablets. PWAs mimic the native application experience with quick load-times and easy navigation.
  • No permission problems — Mobile applications often ask for multiple device permissions and want access to user data. Progressive web apps load instantly without any need for device-side concessions.


Digital Scientists: Your Progressive Web App Developer

As progressive web apps storm the market, you need a PWA developer that can keep up with demand and surpass expectations.

At Digital Scientists, we’ve got the hard skills to build your app:

  • Experience developing mobile apps for iPhone and Android
  • Expertise creating web platforms, e-commerce stores, and IoT products and services
  • Evolving development approaches using tool-sets such as JavaScript ES6, Service Workers, Webpack, React, and Redux.

We hypothesize (research, design, and consult), experiment (build, launch, and iterate), and analyze (review collected data and analytics) to create PWAs that deliver upfront value, ongoing performance, and long-term viability.

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Our mandates: Transparency, simplicity, and speed. Discover the Digital Scientists difference, and discover the power of progressive web apps.


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