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We’re Digital Scientists – a mobile innovation company. We can help you put apps to work to create new services, new capabilities, or a new business.

Omni-Channel Strategy

Today’s consumer will interact with your brand across multiple channels and devices for a single transaction. Digital Scientists can integrate your digital touch points with your marketing strategy to keep the online experience consistent across devices and platforms.

How does your business engage with consumers? From your in-store location to online shopping cart, the entire customer journey should be integrated from one platform to another. For example, when a customer makes an in-store purchase, they should be able to find those records online. Every business has multiple consumer channels like mobile apps, websites, customer service calls and emails – and often times, users might get different results from different platforms. Your business needs to ensure that the consumer receives a consistent experience across multiple channels at once.

Across Atlanta, more and more businesses are finding that the customer experience is becoming more and more important. Rather than segmented applications, each part of the user experience should be seamlessly blended into the next. At Digital Scientists, we use the latest technology to revamp your website, mobile application, and software packages so that they are integrated effortlessly.

Digital Scientists + Omni-Channel Strategy

To create a winning strategy, our team of UX designers and developers look at your business model from multiple angles to answer questions like, who is your target audience? How are they engaging with your brand? What applications or online services are they using? And what software is used by your employees to organize this data? Once we understand the complete picture, we can start integrating software packages and technologies to develop an omni-channel strategy.

For more information about omni-channel tech strategies in Atlanta, contact Digital Scientists today.

Why Digital Scientists?

We have years of Ionic experience under our belts – and as a trusted partner, we’re experts at using the framework to achieve stellar results for our clients. Our Atlanta-based team brings strategy, design and development together into a seamless and efficient process.
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