Digital Scientists partners with companies large and small to build innovative new software products. With experience working across Marketing, Technology and R&D to drive stakeholder alignment, Digital Scientists will accelerate the development of new products – even with experienced software firms. Clients interested in developing rich user experiences on modern devices will typically turn to Digital Scientists to help launch their new products – and later to assist with driving the development of a product roadmap.

Alternately, for launching products specifically for a market test, see our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) offering.

Collaborate to make something great!

Lean on our experienced team to help bring your idea to market. We’ll reduce your risk and help you focus on delivering the best product possible.

We’ll collaborate with your stakeholders (Marketing, IT, R&D, etc.) to identify your product goals & market challenges. We will define and prioritize your features and then plan your first release.

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Access to Local Experts

We’re a tightly integrated team of product, design and development experts – based in Alpharetta and working across metro Atlanta.

Our senior team of experts has been building web and mobile software for 8+ years, so we can move fast. We’re in one place, so we can collaborate closely with you and your team.

Built to Scale on the latest Platforms & Devices

We’re committed to applying the latest technologies to create state of the art software products & experiences.

Mobile, wearables, personalization, API creation, IoT – and the latest software tools and frameworks like Elasticsearch, Apache Spark, AngularJS, Ionic, D3.JS.

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thumbnail of Lamar roadninja

The ultimate road trip application

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Gables Residential
Commerce platform and sales tools

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Office Depot – Viking
Launch of new ecommerce brand

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We build fully-viable, market-ready products with the fewest steps possible. We’re ready to build your idea and help you launch your concept.


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Digital Product Blueprint

Define your product, features, design & workflows: Everything you need to build a great application.

Minimum Viable Product

Work with experts to design, build and launch a new product or service in 90 days.

New Product Development

Collaborate with our experienced product team to build innovative software.

Innovation design Sprint

Join us for a 5-day design sprint to define and prototype your new digital product or business.

Customer Experience Strategy

Clarify your destination and develop new solutions for delivering value to your customers.

Market Research

Use quantitative and qualitative methods to get user insights and validate your concept.

Keep up with our latest thinking on digital innovation