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Finally, after decades of watching characters on science fiction movies and television programs tell computers what to do, we have voice-recognition technology. Devices like the Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomePod allow users to command them to perform a variety of functions, simply by telling them what to do.

It’s game-changing technology, but it’s young.


Voice application technology is quickly changing the way brands communicate with their customers. But with any young technology, you’re going to have limitations. Still in its infancy, voice recognition and operation is no exception.

What we’ve learned

Through the process of developing voice applications, we learned firsthand some of the key challenges related to voice operation:

  • It’s new technology: the immaturity of the technology and its ability to recognize certain vocal commands. Human speech patterns have nearly endless variation, certainly between different countries and languages, as well as different cities and regions
  • Determining intent: When you interact with a software application on a desktop or a touchscreen, intent is simple. You indicate you want the software to perform a function by clicking a button or a link. With voice, it’s not easy to figure out what the user wants, because people can say the same thing different ways
  • Speed: The amount of time it takes to proceed through multiple layers to confirm intent is an obvious detriment to the speed at which a computer can perform a function. What takes almost no time at all with a screen interface can take five, ten, even 20 seconds or more to complete with a voice assistant

Clearly, voice technology has a ways to go. But that doesn’t mean companies you should ignore it. Instead, start to learn now what potential it has for you. If you’re interested in learning more about how you might integrate voice technology into your business today, please contact us.

Did you know?

There will be an estimated 21.4 million smart speakers in the US by 2020 (Activate)

One-in-six Americans (16%) own a voice activated smart-speaker (Edison Research & NPR)

Voice Technologies

Make the experience great

Once you know you can add value with voice, be sure that the experience you provide is great. Keep the experience simple by focusing on a specific area or function, then make that function work really well, even if it’s just a small part of an overall experience.

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